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Alchemist of the Tenth Realm by Eva Gordon Release Celebration #Giveaway

Can the Newlands be saved from necromancy 
or will darkness once again resurface, enslaving all?

Alchemist of the Tenth Realm
By Eva Gordon

The Realms Trilogy - Book 2

Publisher: Eva Gordon (May 25, 2018)
Publication Date: May 25, 2018
Genre: Epic Fantasy | Romance
Page Count: 421 pages

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Heroes of the War against the Guild of the Golden Rose, Sophie and Logan risk leaving the comfort and safety of Skye to colonize the dangerous untamed territories of the Newlands, a continent that parallels America, but one of magic. 

Before they can embark on their new life, Sophie is trapped by a necromancer’s weapon. Under its spell, she is shanghaied on a ship heading for the Newlands where the Guild of the Golden Rose plans its resurrection as the Norvis Ordi.

Desperate to rescue his wife, Logan crosses the perilous ocean and joins forces with a young wizard and native skinwalkers to battle the dark forces that trapped Sophie. Can the Newlands be saved from necromancy or will darkness once again resurface, enslaving all?

Alchemist of the Tenth Realm by Eva Gordon
The general took the sack containing the scrolls and turned left on a path toward the Black Sea seaport city. Sander had given the general enough coin to get him safely to the Newlands.
Kerberos settled his large frame down and licked his black paws. Silas decided to keep the tri-canis as his guard. Though it was rare to own a pet tri-canis, it wasn’t unheard of, especially among the wealthy and gifted. He would arrive in town as one of many war displaced persons. A well-to-do merchant caught in the middle of war torn Europe. He relished the moment when Sophie MacLeod, Fire Sorceress and their most honored heroine, realized she was under the control of Samael’s curse. She would have no choice but to do his bidding.

Book One of the Realms Trilogy

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Eva Gordon writes genre bending paranormal/fantasy/steampunk and historical novels with a strong romantic element. She loves to create stories that combine her passion for mythology, steamy romance, and action/suspense. Her imagination takes her from one universe to the next. Thus far, she has several series lined up as well as single titles waiting in line for production.
Eva has a BS in Zoology and graduate studies in Biology. She once taught high school Biology, Environmental Science and Anatomy/Physiology. When not in her den writing, she can be found at steampunk conventions, at work at the raptor rehabilitation center, wolf sanctuaries, or to satisfy her inner Hemingway on some global eco-adventure.

Connect with Eva Gordon
Eva Gordon
Award winning author of epic paranormal/fantasy/historical romance.
Animal Lore Specialist

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Your Rhythm by Katia Rose Blitz and Giveaway

Your Rhythm
Katia Rose
(Sherbrooke Station, #1)
Publication date: May 24th 2018
Genres: Adult, Comedy, Contemporary, Romance
You know what they say: save a snare, bang a drummer.
Kay Fischer is well aware of what they say, and she intends to ignore it completely.
After her first step into the world of music journalism ended with a screw-up so royal it deserved a crown, Kay’s been struggling to re-stack the building blocks of her career. Salvation comes in the form of Sherbrooke Station, the latest alt-rock craze to grace Montreal’s legendary music scene.
A front page feature on the band everyone’s talking about seems like a foolproof shot at success, even after Kay meets their drummer. Matt Pearson might have a smile sexy enough to be the eighth deadly sin and a passion for music so powerful it makes her heart ache, but Kay’s got things under control.
She’s a professional, goddammit, and a professional would not get tongue-tied over a source, even a source who’s a six-foot, tattooed rock god with an affinity for tight jeans.
A professional would not find herself opening her door at an hour long past midnight to pull said source inside and lead him to her bed.
No, that’s not at all what a professional would do.
Matt’s still propped against the edge of the bar when I reach him. The crowd is thinner over here and I get a good look at him from a few feet away: sandy undercut hair and an angular face, softened by full lips and just the right amount of stubble. He’s got the perfect features to pull off his eyebrow piercing, and while they’re currently covered by a navy blue coat, all my internet stalking has proved he’s got the perfect arms to pull off the collection of tattoos on both.
Eric the Surfer might have been hot in a general sense, but Matt Pearson is one hundred percent my type.
Did I just admit someone in Sherbrooke Station is my type?
“Hey,” I call sharply, hoping I can help myself deny that little revelation by acting annoyed with him. “Giving up that easy?”
He gives me a cautious glance and then shifts his eyes from side to side, like he’s making sure I’m really talking to him.
“On looking for me,” I elaborate. “I’m Kay Fischer.”
Now his dark eyes travel up and down the length of me in a completely unapologetic stare. He smirks when they reach mine again.

Author Bio:
Katia Rose is not much of a Pina Colada person, but she does like getting caught in the rain. She prefers her romance served steamy with a side of smart, and is a sucker for quirky characters. A habit of jetting off to distant countries means she’s rarely in one place for very long, but she calls the frigid northland that is Canada home.


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Reeling by Ev Bishop (River's Sigh B&B, #6)

by Ev Bishop

My rating: 5 stars

Series: River's Sigh B&B - Book 6
Publisher: Winding Path Books (May 25, 2018)
Publication Date: May 25, 2018
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Mia Grant, a one-time pop star, still bears emotional scars caused by a stalker who terrorized her for years—a person she inadvertently welcomed into her inner circle. She has come a long way in learning to manage the crippling fear and anxiety his savage attack left her with, and she books into River’s Sigh B & B to begin the grueling task of what she hopes will be the final step in her recovery. Determined to reclaim her old independence and sense of adventure and possibility, she vows to never let anyone get close enough to fool or injure her again.

The disfiguring scars on Gray Robertson’s body are nothing compared to those marring his damaged heart and psyche. A loner by nature, the brutal murder of his young wife and son made him a hermit. He lives off-grid in the wilderness of northern Canada with only his dog for company, finding isolation far easier to survive than loving people and having them torn away. 

When his closest neighbor, Jo at River’s Sigh B & B, ropes him into giving self-defense lessons to some washed up musician, Gray figures it’s a safe way to make a bit of cash to see him through winter. 

As Mia and Gray get to know each other, neither are prepared for the tumultuous, conflicting emotions that leave them reeling. In him, a convoluted mix of desire, protectiveness, and misplaced fury. In her, a complex stew of appreciation, longing, and apprehension. 

Then a foolish decision puts Mia's life in peril and forces questions she and Gray are both scared to answer. Can love heal old wounds, or are they too damaged to risk further hurt?
Reeling by Ev Bishop (River's Sigh B&B, #6)

ReelingShe needed an escape, a place of solitude to heal from the trauma has haunted her for years. Mia needs to take charge of her life and create one she can own. A former popstar, the fame and the spotlight brought a monster into her inner circle and she paid dearly. Now it’s time to let go of the anxiety and the constant fear. What better place to do that than a secluded resort where she can be herself, not the image people have of her?

Gray’s heart was scarred years before and his response to that devastation was to become a hermit, alone in the cabin he built, living off the grid, with only his dog and the River’s Sigh B&B as a neighbor. Reluctantly he agrees to teach self-defense to a woman in need. Little did he know, his heart would go down for the count in the company of another damaged soul.

Welcome back to the River’s Sigh B&B where breathtaking scenery and the magic of love are the best medicine for the soul! REELING by Ev Bishop could be my favorite in the series so far!
Looking for humorous moments? Want to witness two people fall under the magic of making a connection with another? There will be arguments, pain and denial, but through it all, two people will find healing, hopefully taking a chance on love!

Ev Bishop has pulled out all of the stops at River’s Sigh, as Jo plays Cupid to two people so badly damaged, it appears to be Mission Impossible! Mountain man Gray definitely has his moments, like an old curmudgeon, but underneath his unkempt beard lies a hero with a heart just waiting to be mended! Mia’s damage was horrendous, all because she became an idol and a magnet for evil.

I loved the slow transformation these two made and I have to admit, I was barely hanging on, waiting for “that aha moment!” Another fabulous romance in a magical setting from Ev Bishop!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Ev Bishop!

The Falcon Soars by Gabrielle Mathieu (Falcon Trilogy, #3)

The Falcon Soars
by Gabrielle Mathieu

My rating: 5 stars

Trilogy: Falcon - Book 3
Publisher: Five Directions Press (May 3, 2018)
Publication Date: May 3, 2018
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Print Length: 410 pages
Available from: Amazon

After causing the death of her lover and bringing the wrath of the IRA down on her family, Peppa Mueller is determined to redeem herself, even if it means suppressing her falcon totem. But past enemies are looking for her. Her promising neurosurgery career is interrupted by an assassination attempt. Then the one friend she’s always counted on is called away on an emergency mission to Tibet. Convinced the mission will fail without her medical knowledge, Peppa jeopardizes her career and upcoming marriage to join him. In the wilds of the Himalayas, Peppa will find out that out that unless you make peace with your past, there is no future.

The Falcon Soars by Gabrielle Mathieu (Falcon Trilogy, #3)

The Falcon Soars (Falcon #3)A powerful ending to a series that has been edgy, dark and tumultuous form the very beginning. Once again, Gabrielle Mathieu has left me amazed at her ability to create a veil-like atmosphere that straddle genres like a pro. Certainly a paranormal read, definitely a dark romance, there is still a sense of adventure in this final piece of this trilogy’s journey for Peppa Mueller.

From the moment Peppa “awakens” on a rooftop, naked to the years in between, I have followed her story, and it is definitely intriguing. Imagine learning a totem of a falcon lives within your soul with the power to overtake your mind and your actions. Peppa struggled for years to learn to control her inner beast, only to find that now, she will need her falcon totem more than ever.

As Peppa struggles with her medical studies, her impending marriage and with having to see the man she truly loves and cannot have, she will make the decision to risk all she holds dear in a perilous journey to find a person whose disappearance has left other lives in limbo. Meanwhile, Peppa’s own existence is threatened as an assassin makes an attempt on her life. Someone knows her secret and they want her dead.

So many secrets, so many agendas are revealed, once again, Peppa will be forced to face who and what she is and who she can truly trust.

Gabrielle Mathieu’s writing is bold, it has an edge to it and it holds the promise of mystery, romance and danger on each and every page. Witness a character living life on the edge, feeling alone, holding secrets beyond imagining. Now picture that character being betrayed again and again, yet still having the heart to get up one more time, all while caught up in the machinations of an unseen enemy and you will discover the dark beauty of this trilogy and how brilliantly Ms. Mathieu put on the final wrap to her work!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Gabrielle Mathieu!

My Duke's Deception by Tammy Andresen

My Duke's Deception
by Tammy Andresen

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Wicked Lords of London - Book 2
Publication Date: May 29, 2018
Publisher: Tammy Andresen
Genre: Historical Romance
Print Length: 49 pages
Available from: Amazon |  Barnes & Noble

A mysterious man saves her life but can he save her heart?

Lady Eleanor McIntyre has been forgotten by society, unloved and left to ruin by her father. But just when she is at her lowest, she crosses paths with a mysterious man who saves her life. It is like a miracle but even more shocking is that he needs her help to find his lost sister.

Lord Matthew Evans, the Duke of Pennington, has an excellent reason for hiding his title from the lovely Ella. The only woman he had ever loved cared far more about his position than she ever did the man. Ella is too beautiful to be trusted with the knowledge he is a duke. But the longer he knows her, the more he wishes he hadn’t deceived her. Because as pure as her heart is, she could surely never love a man who lied about his identity. 

My Duke's Deception by Tammy Andresen

My Duke's Deception (Wicked Lords of London Book 2)Her life was in shambles, she was destitute and alone. The society she was once part of has turned their collective backs on her. Now Lady Eleanor McIntyre must endure the pawing and fawning of drunken sailors to earn coin for her next meal. Then he came to her rescue, a handsome stranger who defended her and cost her the only job she could find.

Lord Matthew Evans, the Duke of Pennington, couldn’t leave the woman alone to the vile interests of the denizens of the docks. Keeping his own identity a secret, he discovers she is a lady of breeding and could be the best chance to discover what happened to his sister, the night she left London. Taking her back to his lodgings, he proposes what would be a mutually beneficial arrangement for them both, but as he gets to know the beautiful young woman, his regrets grow in his game of deception. Before him stands his future, but will his lie of omission push her into another’s arms?

Count on Tammy Andresen to always come through with the sweetest romances from history and to leave her readers smiling! MY DUKE’S DECEPTION is another short, yet endearing romance that provides a wonderful escape without over-the-top angst! Two souls, both damaged and afraid to trust will find that love truly can conquer all, no matter your station in life!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Tammy Andresen!

The Katrina Williams Series by Robert E. Dunn #Cover Reveal & #Giveaway

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Series: Katrina Williams #3

by Robert E. Dunn

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Pub Date: 8/7/2018

Sheriff's detective Katrina “Hurricane” Williams confronts deep-rooted hate and greed in the Missouri Ozarks in this riveting police procedural…
What at first appears to be a brush fire in some undeveloped bottom land yields the charred remains of a young African-American man. As sheriff’s Katrina Williams conducts her in-spection of the crime scene, she discovers broken headstones and disturbed open graves in a forgotten cemetery.
As Katrina attempts to sort out a complex backwoods criminal network involving the Aryan Brotherhood, meth dealers, and the Ozarks Nightriders motorcycle gang, she is confronted by the sudden appearance of a person out of her own past who may be involved. And what seems like a clear-cut case of racially motivated murder is further complicated by rumors of hidden silver and dark family histories. To uncover the ugly truth, Katrina will need to dig up past crimes and shameful secrets that certain people would kill to keep buried . . .

Katrina Williams Book 2
Pub Date: 9/12/2017

From the author of A Living Grave comes a gripping police procedural featuring sheriff's detective Katrina Williams as she exposes the dark underbelly of Appalachia . . .

Dredging up the Truth

Still recovering from tragedy and grieving a devastating loss, Iraq war veteran and sheriff's detective Katrina Williams copes the only way she knows how—by immersing herself in work. A body's just been pulled from the lake with a fish haul, but what seems like a straight-forward murder case over the poaching of paddlefish for domestic caviar quickly becomes murkier than the depths of the lake.

Soon a second body is found—an illegal Peruvian refugee woman linked to a charismatic tent revival preacher. But as Katrina tries to investigate the enigmatic evangelist, she is blocked by antagonistic FBI agents and Army CID personnel. When more young female refu-gees disappear, she must partner with deputy Billy Blevins, who stirs mixed feelings in her, to connect the lake murder to the refugees. Katrina is no stranger to darkness, but cold-blooded conspirators plan to make sure she'll never again see the light of day . . .

Katrina Williams Book 1

The first in a gritty new series featuring sheriff’s detective Katrina Williams, as she investigates moonshine, murder, and the ghosts of her own past…
 Katrina Williams left the Army ten years ago disillusioned and damaged. Now a sheriff’s detective at home in the Missouri Ozarks, Katrina is living her life one case at a time—between mandated therapy sessions—until she learns that she’s a suspect in a military investigation with ties to her painful past.
The disappearance of a local girl is far from the routine distraction, however. Brutally murdered, the girl’s corpse is found by a bottlegger whose information leads Katrina into a tangled web of teenagers, moonshiners, motorcycle clubs, and a fellow veteran battling illness and his own personal demons. Unraveling each thread will take time  Katrina might not have as the Army investigator turns his searchlight on the devastating incident that ended her military career. Now Katrina will need to dig deep for the truth—before she’s found buried…

Robert E. Dunn was born an Army brat and grew up in the Missouri Ozarks. He wrote his first book at age eleven turning a series of Jack Kirby comic books into a hand written novel.
Over many years in the, mostly, honest work of video and film production he produced everything from documentaries, to training films and his favorite, travelogues. He returned to writing mystery, horror, and fantasy fiction for publication after the turn of the century. It seemed like a good time for change even if the changes were not always his choice.
Mr. Dunn is the author of the horror novels, THE RED HIGHWAY, MOTORMAN, and THE HARROWING, as well as the Katrina Williams mystery/thriller series, A LIVING GRAVE, A PARTICULAR DARKNESS, and the upcoming A DARK PATH.