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All I Want for Halloween by Marie Harte Pre-Order Blast & #Giveaway

by Marie Harte
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Cheryl Bradshaw's Gone Daddy Gone Tour & #Giveaway

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Gone Daddy Gone
Sloan Monroe Mysteries #7
by Cheryl Bradshaw
Genre: Crime Mystery, Thriller

From New York Times bestselling author Cheryl Bradshaw:

A single moment is about to change Sloane Monroe's life forever ...
On an early winter morning, college student Shelby McCoy walks the quiet, snowy path back home. A tree branch snaps in the distance. Then another. A man is there with her, following close behind, whispering her name. She looks back, sees him gaining on her, and runs. Who is this man, and why is he carrying a gun?

*Can easily be read as a standalone!

A New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Bradshaw writes in the genres of mystery, thriller, romantic suspense, and supernatural suspense. To date, she has published almost two dozen novels and novellas, including her New York Times bestselling mystery series based on a sassy, OCD challenged private eye named Sloane Monroe. In 2013, Bradshaw’s fourth novel in the series, Stranger in Town, was a finalist for a Shamus Award, and that same year, book three in the series, I Have a Secret, won best thriller of the year from eFestival of Words. She was raised in California and currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Follow the tour HERE for exclusive excerpts, guest posts and a giveaway!

Wrong by Jana Aston Blitz and #Giveway

Jana Aston
Publication date: October 7th 2015
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
I have a history of picking the wrong guy. Gay? Player? Momma’s boy? Check, check and check.
Now I can’t stop fantasizing about one of the customers at the coffee shop I work at between classes. It’s just a harmless crush, right? It’s not like I ever see this guy outside of the coffee shop. It’s not like I’m going to see him while attempting to get birth control at the student clinic. While wearing a paper gown. While sitting on an exam table. Because he’s the doctor. Shoot. Me.
But what if, for once, the man I’ve had the dirtiest, most scandalous fantasies about turned out to be everything but wrong?
FREE on September 19th only!
“Sophie, he’s going to be back for more. Trust me.”
I load a tray of cupcakes and slide them into the bakery case. “I don’t know, Everly. He’s really sophisticated and clearly lives a lifestyle a long ways from Cowbell Lane,” I say, referencing my grandparents’ home in Willow Grove.
“Bitch, please. The guy is pushing forty and you’re a hot co-ed with a brand-new tight, shiny pussy. He’ll be back.”
My eyes widen. “Everly, Jesus!”
“Just saying.” She holds her hands up in mock defense before breaking into a huge grin.
“You don’t really think he’s forty, do you?”
“He just turned thirty-six in August.”
“How do you know that?”
“You Googled him?”
“You didn’t?” Everly looks aghast.
“Uh, no.” Truthfully I thought about it, but I didn’t want to get any more invested in him than I already am.
“Well, look what the pussy dragged in.” Everly is smirking.
“Everly, that’s not the saying. It’s ‘cat.’ ‘Look what the cat dragged in.'”
“Oh, I think I’ve got the saying right. He’s here.”
My stomach explodes in nerves as I glance towards the door. Luke is here. I wondered if he’d stick to his normal Tuesday routine and stop here for coffee. I’ve figured out this Grind Me location is between his Rittenhouse Square condo and the student clinic, but it’s hardly the only route he could take or stop he could make.
My heart is beating so fast as I take him in. Is he going to speak to me or go back to just ordering coffee and leaving like he has the last several weeks?
He’s in a navy suit today, crisp white shirt and a silvery blue tie. And then my heart stops beating so fast. There’s a hand on his arm. I follow that hand to the redhead from Saturday night.

Author Bio:
Jana Aston likes cats, big coffee cups and books about billionaires who deflower virgins. She wrote her debut novel while fielding customer service calls about electrical bills, and she's ever grateful for the fictional gynecologist in Wrong that readers embraced so much she was able to make working in her pajamas a reality. Jana’s novels have appeared on the NYT, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists, some multiple times. She likes multiples.


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Troubled by the Texan by Bree Verity (Perth Girls, #3)

Troubled by the Texan
by Bree Verity

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Perth Girls - Book 3
Publisher: Briony Vreedenburgh (September 16, 2017)
Publication Date: September 16, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 298 pages
Available from: Amazon
Desiree has never had it easy when it comes to love. Learning about betrayal at a young age from her father's constant affairs, she hasn't wanted any long-term relationships – she’s more of a get-in-and-get-out kind of girl. Until now.
Jack is handsome, charming and the father of one of her students. Desiree is drawn to him in ways she has never felt before, from their very first meeting.
Jack, an ex-pat Texan living in Western Australia, is still navigating the tricky road of single parenthood, but he's ready to love again. But Desiree is nothing like the women he usually goes for. Should he throw caution to the wind and go for it?
Just as things start to heat up, secrets from the past will threaten to tear them apart, even as the most tragic of circumstances pushes them together.
Can two people who are so very different ever really fall in love?

Troubled by the Texan by Bree Verity (Perth Girls, #3)

Troubled by the Texan (Perth Girls Book 3)For Desiree, romance was something she avoided like the plague. She grew up in a family where love and marriage brought only heartache. As a teacher, she has met many of her students’ parents, but none made an impression on her like Jack Duncan. Tall, handsome and a Texan in Australia, the single father had his hands full with his three children with little time to even think about dating, but he couldn’t forget his daughter’s teacher. The tattooed and pierced woman wasn’t really his usual type, but sometimes opposites attract, right?

After a tentative start, the chemistry begins to boil until both of their pasts threaten a severe case of lover's frostbite. Are either of them capable of looking beyond their own trust issues or self-protection?
TROUBLED BY THE TEXAN by Bree Verity is a sometimes sweet romance that proves that everyone is human and sometimes life requires a huge leap of faith, leaving the past where it belongs and accepting that no one is perfect, even if they are perfect for each other.

Ms. Verity’s characters are very flawed, very human and definitely react on the side of self-preservation, while not always a pretty thing, it felt very real. A quick read that stands on its own!

I received an ARC edition from Bree Verity!

Mary Burton's The Last Move Release #Giveaway

Title: The Last Move
Author: Mary Burton
Release Date: September 19, 2017
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Thriller
Publisher: Montlake Romance


Catching monsters helps FBI agent Kate Hayden keep her nightmares at bay. Now an urgent call brings her back to San Antonio, the scene of her violent past. A brutal new murder shows hallmarks of a serial killer nicknamed the Samaritan. Tricky part is, Kate already caught him.

Either Kate made a deadly error, or she’s got a copycat on her hands. Paired with homicide detective Theo Mazur, she quickly realizes this murder is more twisted than it first appeared. Then a second body is found, the mode of death identical to a different case that Kate thought she’d put behind her.

Now Kate and Detective Mazur aren’t just working a homicide; the investigative pair is facing a formidable enemy who knows Kate intimately. While Mazur is personally trying to protect Kate, the closer they are drawn to the killer, the clearer it becomes that in this terrifying game, there is only one rule: don’t believe everything you see…

Exclusive Excerpt: THE LAST MOVE by Mary Burton

Mazur and Kate arrived at the Sanchez car dealership located in central San Antonio. The glittering glass-and-chrome showroom featured expensive luxury cars. A red Ferrari 488 Spider was parked beside a black Lamborghini Aventador. There were a few more name brands Kate recognized, but the others were unfamiliar.
“Impressive,” Mazur said as he ran his hand over the Lamborghini’s polished hood.
“I’m not really a car person.” Kate looked around the dealership, expecting a salesperson to appear. Their absence suggested news of Gloria’s death had reached the staff.
He moved around to the driver’s side of the car and peered into the window. “I bet you drive something compact and dependable. And I guess it’s white.”
“It’s silver,” she said.
“Were you walking on the wild side when you sprang for that color?”
He was teasing her again, and despite herself she smiled. “I like things plain and simple. Boring can be very refreshing.”
“When you bought the car, was it the demo on the lot or the loaner the dealership gave to people when their car needed servicing?”
“I negotiated a good deal.”
“I would expect no less. You rent or own the furniture in your apartment?”
“I own it.”
He opened the car door and slid behind the wheel. “Standard, practical furnishings. I’m guessing small compact television, no cable, and lots of books.” Reverently he palmed the gearshift. “Am I right?”
“Not too far from the truth.” It was one thing to profile someone else, quite another to have it done so well back at her. “In my defense, I’m never there. It doesn’t make sense to pay for cable.” She looked past the car to the office.
With a sigh, he got out of the car. “I’ve been a cop long enough to know, I need a home that’s separate and untouched by work. I had that in Chicago. It was a whole world that didn’t revolve around work. Family and friends.”
“And you gave it up for a town you’ve yet to commit yourself to.”
He moved toward the Ferrari. “Ever wondered what it would be like to drive one of these?”
She allowed his deflection to stand. “No. And if we’re playing guess-my-ride, I’d say your personal vehicle is American made. Dark. You keep the car clean and polished, but if you look on the undercarriage there’s some rust from the Chicago winters. I’d also say you don’t have subscription radio or personalized plates.”
He grinned, reminding her of a kid getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar. “Go on.”
“Your suit is older, but it’s a classic style and well maintained. You tie your tie in a Windsor knot because you like to look professional. Even your police-issue car isn’t the newest model, but again, it’s clean and your files organized.”
“I’m low man on the totem pole.”
“Agreed, but the car doesn’t bother you. I’d wager you like to watch classic football games. You wouldn’t leave Chicago for San Antonio if family didn’t matter. I’d also wager the divorce was not your idea.”
“Why do you say that?”
“A few times you’ve touched your ring finger as if you expected the band to be there.”
He laughed. “Pretty good. We could keep playing this game, but I’m afraid of what you’ll say. You must be a hit at parties.” He held up a finger before she could answer and grinned. “But I’m guessing you don’t go to parties. You’d rather spend your time alone reading with your three rental cats.”
She couldn’t resist a smile. “I listen to audiobooks while I run or hike. I don’t like being indoors.”
“Why’s that?”
“Don’t want to waste the sunshine.”
Some of his smile faded. “Because you spend too much time in the dark hunting monsters?”
“They’re real.”
“Yes, they are.”
Author Biography

New York Times and USA Today bestselling novelist Mary Burton is the highly praised author of twenty-eight published romance and suspense novels and five novellas. She lives in Virginia with her husband and three miniature dachshunds.

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Catherine Bybee's Fool Me Once Promo & #Giveaway

Title: Fool Me Once
Author: Catherine Bybee
Release Date: September 19, 2017
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Series: First Wives, #1


Cynical divorce attorney Lori Cumberland lives by one motto: Love is grand, but divorce is a hundred grand. With one failed marriage under her own personal belt, Lori had fallen hard and early—and it isn’t something she plans on repeating. She’s content focusing on the temporary marriages of her rich and famous clients. When she joins some of her recent divorcées on a celebratory cruise, her only vow is fun, sun, and new friends. But Lori finds herself tempted by a jury of one.

For Reed Barlow, falling into the world of private investigation was easy. He knows the law and knows how to avoid breaking it—all while doing his job. His rule to live by? No emotion, no involvement…until Lori. His charming smile and cocky attitude distracts Lori and lowers her guard, which is exactly what Reed desires.

But what appears as a one-time-only flirtation may be a plot orchestrated by Reed. As he’s taking his investigation to a dangerous level, it’s Lori who could end up in jeopardy. Reed has only one shot for Lori to grant him a second chance. But if he comes clean with her, he blows his cover. And that just might cost him the opportunity for an alliance of family…and of love.

Exclusive Excerpt: Fool Me Once by Catherine Bybee

“Don’t look.”

Funny how when someone tells you not to look, that’s exactly what you want to do. Lori found her eyes drifting from the spinning ball on the roulette table.

Shannon elbowed her gently.

Lori snapped her attention away from the table.

“He cannot take his eyes off you.”


The croupier called out the number, placed his marker on the board, and paid out the winners. Sadly, Lori wasn’t one of them.

She took the moment to pick up her drink and briefly scan the room.

Sure enough, Mr. Single stood on the opposing side of the craps table, watching her.

Instead of pretending she didn’t notice him, she lifted her glass in salute and smiled. It felt good to flirt, even though it was against her better judgment.

His answering grin was mixed with mischief.

“That’s the guy you were telling us about, isn’t it?” Shannon asked.

“Sure is.”

“Wow, he is something to look at.”

Lori hummed.

“Needs a haircut, though.”

Lori broke eye contact with him and turned to Shannon. “I know, right?” She set her chips on the table and stood back.

“Place your bets,” the croupier told them. Shannon leaned across Lori to reach the higher numbers.

When Lori looked back up, Mr. Single was gone. A hair of disappointment wiggled up her spine.

“Thirty-one black.”

Shannon high-fived Lori. “Whoop, whoop!” Her five-dollar chip sat on the line between thirty-one and twenty-eight.

“Next round is on you,” Lori teased.

Shannon collected her money and generously placed her bets. She glanced up. “Where did he go?”

“Who knows?” Lori looked at her hand of dwindling chips, promising to walk away if she didn’t win on the next turn of the table. Just then her skin prickled and her palms started to itch.

“Red.” His voice came from behind her, his lips close to her ear.

She forced herself not to smile. “You’re sure?” she asked.

The croupier spun the wheel and released the ball.

“Forty-eight percent sure.”

She looked up and down the table, remembered the green zero and double zeros. She put twenty on red and scattered another twenty bucks on various red numbers.

“No more bets.”

The ball started to bounce.

Lori held her breath.

“Fourteen, red.”

“Okay, then. I guess I owe you a drink,” Lori said as she peeked over her shoulder to find Mr. Single staring.

“Hello.” Shannon peered from Lori’s other side.

“Hello,” he replied, then narrowed his eyes. “Aren’t you—”

Lori panicked and lifted a finger to his lips as if she had a right.

His amused eyes widened as he reached to touch her hand.

“My friend is on vacation.” Lori hoped her words kept him from bringing unwanted attention to Shannon. “Far away from home.”

His eyes told her he understood. With a tiny squeeze of her hand, he let her go.

Shannon tilted her head. “Thank you. Do you have a name other than Mr. Single?”

“You’ve been talking about me.”

Lori felt like she was sixteen years old, caught talking about the new kid in school. She tried to hide her embarrassment.

He reached across Lori. “I’m Reed.”

“Nice to meet you, Reed. This is my friend Lori.”

“Lori.” It sounded as if he was testing her name with the weight of the sigh he used when saying it.

The heat on her neck felt unnatural.

“Now that we have the names straight, what should I bet on now?”

The ball was already rolling.

“Let it ride on red.”

“I never let it ride.”

He stopped her hand from pulling her chips away. His lips moved close to her ear again. “What are you worried about, losing Sugar Daddy’s money?”

Before she could pull the chips off the table, the croupier waved a hand over the table, indicating she’d lost her opportunity to back out.

“Twenty-seven, red.”

She sighed, and once she’d been paid out, she removed her chips. Not that she worried about losing forty dollars. Hell, she was down two hundred and she’d only been in the casino for forty minutes. Gambling in general was outside her control spectrum. A little bit was fine, exciting even … but if any real money was involved, she’d probably break out in hives before the ball settled on a number.

“No guts to do it again?” Reed asked.

She pointed to the table. “Where’s your bet?”

“Touché.” He removed his wallet, placed a hundred-dollar bill on red.

The croupier made quick work of removing the cash and replacing it with several green chips.

Less than a minute later, twenty-one, red was called.

Lori stood back to watch, her hands tightening in on themselves with each rotation of the ball.

All she noticed was the color when the ball dropped.


Reed let it ride.

“You’re nuts,” she whispered.

Lori wasn’t sure if his reckless gambling was because of his cocky self-assuredness or if he was just a man using his money to flirt with her. Either one was slightly flattering.

Four spins later, Reed was up sixteen hundred dollars. Only then did he pull off the hundred dollars he started with.

“You’re going to leave it there?”

He shrugged with a grin.

The other players at the table were watching. Others were putting their money on black, muttering his luck was about to run out. Lori held her breath, the ball bounced. “Twelve, red.”

Even Shannon was speechless.

Lori was sweating, and it wasn’t her money.

“You’re not a gambler,” he observed.

She looked up to find his eyes laughing at her.

“Apparently not.” 

“Sir?” the croupier caught Reed’s attention.

He smirked like it was a natural thing for him to leave three grand on the table riding on a color. “Leave it,” Reed told him.

Author Biography

New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author Catherine Bybee has written twenty-seven books that have collectively sold more than three million copies and have been translated into twelve languages. Raised in Washington State, Bybee moved to Southern California in hopes of becoming a movie star. After growing bored with waiting tables, she returned to school and became a registered nurse, spending most of her career in urban emergency rooms. She now writes full-time and has penned the Not Quite series, the Weekday Brides series, the Most Likely To series, and the First Wives series.
Social Media Links

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McCall & Company: Swollen Identity by Rich Leder

McCall Company: Swollen Identity
by Rich Leder

My rating: 5 stars

Series: McCall & Company - Book 2
Publisher: Laugh Riot Press (September 7, 2014)
Publication Date: September 7, 2014
Genre: Humorous Suspense | Satire
Print Length: 392 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Beautiful Billionaire Socialite
Cold-Blooded Corporate Assassin
McCall Company Back In Business

Before Kate McCall ends up in jail or on the wrong side of a murder, she promises the police—and her assistant DA son—that she’s all done cracking cases in the Big Apple. But when the CEO of Superior Press shows up dead in exactly the way Kate’s father was killed and beautiful socialite Brooke Barrington claims someone has stolen her identity, all bets are off. Call the House of Emotional Tics. Cue the Schmidt and Parker Players...

McCall Company is back in business.

Which means evil twins, international counterfeiters, and Kate being arrested (again!), this time for impersonating a hooker.

Can Kate recover Barrington’s identity, survive the Bulgarian mob, and finally find her father’s killer?

If the truth serum kicks in before she starts stripping, she’ll have half a chance.

McCall Company: Swollen Identity by Rich Leder

McCall  Company: Swollen IdentityDo you like great reading that is:
1. Fun, fast and furious
2. Over-the-top funny, quirky and filled with great wit
3. Has a dark and dangerous side and even a sprinkling of some profoundly touching moments?

Welcome to the world of Rich Leder and Kate McCall, actress by profession, Private Investigator by inheritance. This time out, Kate gets a double barreled load of trouble of the deadly nature when she is hired to discover who is stealing a wealthy heiress’ identity and a few billion dollars, give or take. Kate had no idea what she was getting herself into when she took that retainer, but hey, paying customers are few and far between and she gave up her dog walking job for this! Little did she know she would be tag-teamed by a set of identical twins with a severe case of greed.

Meanwhile, Kate is still determined to find her father’s murderer, even if it gets her arrested for being a call girl, accused of another murder and almost a corpse herself. Our Kate is nothing, if not a trouble magnet with a knack for thinking her way out sticky situations with the help of her quirky neighbors! Her over-starched son may even finally recognize his mother’s ability as a PI, or not.

When her life is almost forfeit again as she uncovers an international counterfeiting ring, she finds that following the money, real or fake can be a deadly proposition, but it may lead her one step closer to solving the case dearest to her heart.

McCALL & COMPANY: SWOLLEN IDENTITY is like riding the Tilt-A-Whirl after a margarita or two, laugh out loud funny with dizzying twists and turns, all done at a high-velocity pace! Rich Leder has brought back the entire crew, and they are in rare form, once again, although I have to say, Fu is my fav! He may not talk much, but he packs a mean wallop just when Kate needs him most.

Prepare for sores laugh muscles after reading this tale, but don’t be surprised to realize that this is also one of a mystery read that leaves that final twist at the end completely hidden! My only regret: I have but 5 stars to give this entertainment bliss!

I received this copy from Rich Leder!

Forged Alliances by Katherine McIntyre (Tribal Spirits, #1)

Forged Alliances
by Katherine McIntyre

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Tribal Spirits - Book 1
Expected Publication Date: September 19, 2017
Publisher: Loose ID
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Sierra Kanoska fought hard for her position as wolf alpha of the Red Rock pack, and intruders in her territory receive the full brunt of what her claws, fangs, and smarts can accomplish. So when Dax Williams, de facto alpha of the Silver Springs pack, pays an unwelcome visit, Sierra’s ready to toss him out. However, the man's in a tough spot. The pack elders sabotaged his fight for alpha against his brother, driving him from his lands. Sierra hates underhanded moves like that, so she agrees on an alliance.

As they work together, she witnesses an alpha who wants to do right by his pack, not just the cocky wiseass she first met. Their growing attraction blazes hot, but the moment she and Dax lock lips, a mating bond emerges. Sierra sure as hell isn’t ready to share that intimate connection with a stranger, and the thought of forever sends Dax running.

Before they can talk, the Tribe commanding the East Coast shifters arrives to settle the dispute. Dax and his brother's punishment for their pack's civil war is a free-for-all on their lands. Not only does he have to defeat his brother, but any challenger in the region. Despite Dax and Sierra’s initial resistance, his wily charm relaxes her control-freak tendencies while her steadfast support bolsters his strength. Yet every new opponent places their newfound relationship under siege—one misstep, one wrong blow in the ring, and Dax could leave in a bodybag.

Forged Alliances by Katherine McIntyre (Tribal Spirits, #1) 

Forged AlliancesSierra Kanoska earned her place as alpha of the Red Rock pack. She is tough, doesn’t back down and will stop at nothing to protect her territory and her pack. She had no idea the night Dax Williams, sauntered into her bar that the world she has ruled with an iron fist was about turn into a world of danger and challenge, for both her shifters and her heart.

Dax needs help and asking for it from anyone isn’t an easy thing for an alpha mountain lion to do. Since the death of his father, the Silver Springs pack has been divided between following his brother or following him as their alpha. What Dax needs from Sierra is the strength of another alpha and her pack to right the injustice that has been done and reunite his own fractured pack. Of course, his cocky attitude and those alpha pheromones aren’t helping him make his case, but the truth in his words lights a fire in Sierra, a fire that runs straight to her wolf and her heart.

Flat out, Sierra is a control freak and this cat with his feline attitude raises her hackles almost as much as the terrifying fact that they may be more than temporary allies in a deadly feud that must play out. Is sierra just what Dax needs to push him just enough to regain his pack and his own sense of self-worth?

FORGED ALLIANCES by Katherine McIntyre is a steamy, yet action-packed start to a new series that promises to introduce us to new shifters, new problems in the shifter world and tons of attitude and, of course, sizzling animal attraction! For me, Sierra stole the show with her hard as nails attitude that hid her vulnerability. This shifter has guts to spare and a temper that runs hot! The tension runs high throughout this tale, as the action bounces from scene to scene, never relying on only one aspect to carry this tale along!

I received an ARC edition from Katherine McIntyre!

Rook by J.C. Andrijeski Blog Tour

J.C. Andrijeski
(Bridge & Sword: Awakenings #1)
Publication date: April 22nd 2017
Genres: Adult, Post-Apocalyptic, Romance, Science Fiction
From USA TODAY bestselling author, a psychic warfare alternative history set in a gritty version of Earth. Contains strong romantic elements – a book in the Bridge & Sword World. Apocalyptic. Psychic Romance.
“You are the Bridge…”
Allie Taylor lives in a world populated by seers, a second race discovered on Earth at the beginning of the 20th Century. Psychic, hyper-sexual and enslaved by governments, corporations and wealthy humans, seers are an exotic fascination to Allie, but one she knows she’ll likely never encounter, given how rich you have to be to get near one.
Then a strange man shows up at her work –– then another –– and pretty soon Allie finds herself on the run from the law, labeled a terrorist and in the middle of a race war she didn’t even know existed. Yanked out of her life by the mysterious and uncommunicative Revik, Allie discovers her blood may not be as “human” as she always thought, and the world of seers might not be quite as distant as she always imagined.
When Revik tells her she’s the Bridge, a mystical being meant to usher in the evolution of humanity––or possibly its extinction––Allie must choose between the race that raised her and the one where she might truly belong.

Author Bio:
JC Andrijeski is a USA TODAY bestselling author who writes paranormal mysteries and apocalyptic fiction, often with a sexy, romantic and metaphysical bent. JC has a background in journalism, history and politics, and loves martial arts, yoga, meditation, hiking, swimming, horseback riding, painting… and of course reading and writing. She grew up in the Bay Area of California, but travels extensively and has lived abroad in Europe, Australia and Asia, and from coast to coast in the continental United States. She currently lives and writes full-time in Bangkok, Thailand.
To learn more about JC and her writing, please visit jcandrijeski.com.
If you want an email when JC’s next book is released, as well as special giveaways, offers to read books early and other prizes, join her newsletter, THE REBEL ARMY, at: http://hyperurl.co/JCA-Newsletter
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Five by J.A. Huss Blitz and #Giveaway

J.A. Huss
(Mister 0.5)
Publication date: September 19th 2017
Genres: New Adult, Romance
Five Aston has known Rory Shrike for as long as he can remember. He played with her in the sandbox. He went to every damn horse show just to be supportive. He helped her with her French, walked her home from school, and faked his test scores just to stay with her a little longer and not be sent off to college early.
But eventually he had to move on.
And so did she.
Never has a second chance meant so much to a boy who loves a girl.
A standalone book that is also a spin-off of the Rook & Ronin Series and prequel to the Mister Series. You can read it first, you can read it last. It doesn’t really matter because it’s f*cking Five.
“You want a kiss?”
“Mmmhmm,” I say, closing my eyes as I picture it. God, I’ve dreamed of this moment for ages. “I really need one, Five.”
His mouth touches my earlobe. Lips caress the soft skin of my neck. “Like this?” he asks.
“Yes,” I practically moan. “Just… like… that.”
“Do you want more, Princess?” he asks, his voice low now. Growly. Filled with so much promise.
“More, please,” I say, in my sweetest princess voice.
“Then promise me, baby. Just say those two words. ‘I promise.’ And as soon as you do that, I’ll give you everything you want. OK?”
“Five,” I moan. “Just—”
His hands come up suddenly. He cups my face, stares into my eyes with the most sincere expression I’ve ever seen on him. And underneath that sincerity, I see… fear. “Promise me.”
“Five,” I say, unable to stop staring back. This is everything. Everything I’ve always dreamed of. Five pressing me up against a wall. Me, the only thing on his mind. Except I’m not the only thing on his mind, am I? No. Those creeps from the past are back. That’s why he’s here. And even though I’d normally not give in so easy, I know this is not a game. So I say, “I promise. Now stop talking, you stupid genius, and kiss me already.”
He smiles. Leans in. I close my eyes, ready for it. Finally gonna get what I want.
But then he moves his mouth to my ear and nibbles on my lobe. “Good girl,” he coos. “But I’m not sure I believe you, Princess. I can feel those wheels turning inside your head. They’re grinding hard.” He presses his hard cock against my hip when he says that last part. “So I’m gonna hold off on that kiss until I get back tonight. And if you’ve been good, and if you’ve held up your end of the—”
“What?” I say, pushing him back. “You will do no such thing, Five Aston! I want a fucking kiss and I want one right now! I’ve waited six years for this, and denying me is practically emotional abuse. Now stop fucking around and kiss me, goddammit!”
“Who’s the boss of you, Rory?”
I huff out some air. “Me.”
He smiles. It’s a big, genuine, I’m-gonna-teach-you-who’s-boss smile. “Wrong answer.”

Author Bio:
JA Huss is the USA Today bestselling author of more than twenty romances. She likes stories about family, loyalty, and extraordinary characters who struggle with basic human emotions while dealing with bigger than life problems. JA loves writing heroes who make you swoon, heroines who makes you jealous, and the perfect Happily Ever After ending.
You can chat with her on Facebook (www.facebook.com/AuthorJAHuss), Twitter (@jahuss), and her blog, New Adult Addiction (www.jahuss.com).
If you’re interested in getting your hands on an advanced release copy of her upcoming books, sneak peek teasers, or information on her upcoming personal appearances, you can join her newsletter list (http://eepurl.com/JVhAr) and get those details delivered right to your inbox.


$50 Amazon gift card 
+ signed copy of Five
Ends Sept 25, 2017

A Face to Die For by Andrea Kane Tour & #Giveaway

A Face to Die For

by Andrea Kane

on Tour September 18th - October 20th, 2017


A Face to Die For by Andrea Kane
Urban legend says that everyone has a double, or exact look-alike. Would you search for yours? And if you found them, would you risk your life for theirs?
When a chance encounter outside the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan results in mistaken identity, wedding planner Gia Russo is curious to find the person whose cell phone picture has been shown her—veterinarian Dr. Danielle Murano, her exact look-alike. A Facebook private message blossoms into a budding, long-distance friendship, and the two women agree to meet in New York and see the truth for their own eyes.
Shocked at the sight of one another, they quickly bond over drinks, childhood pictures and an uncanny feeling that they share more than just a visual resemblance. Together they decide to end the speculation and undergo DNA testing for siblingship. But when the tests confirm they’re identical twins, more questions are raised than answered.
And with good reason. The same mysterious forces that separated the sisters years ago are still at large, frantic to keep the two women apart. Their attempts to do so become more violent once it becomes clear that the two sisters have found each other. But when the danger escalates and the sisters fear for their lives, Gia turns to a former client of her wedding planning company, Marc Devereraux of Forensic Instincts, for help.
Despite being embroiled in another case, Forensic Instincts agrees to help Gia and Danielle discover who has been threatening them. And when Forensic Instincts discovers that this case is linked to the [Mafia, Organized Crime], they must dig up skeletons better left buried, and get at the frightening truth without destroying the sisters and the families they have grown to love.

Book Details:

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Published by: Bonnie Meadow Publishing LLC
Publication Date: September 19, 2017
Number of Pages: 336
ISBN: 1682320103 (ISBN13: 9781682320105)
Purchase Links: Amazon  | Barnes & Noble  | Goodreads 

Read an excerpt:

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York
March 1990
Anthony slid behind the wheel of his Ford Taurus and started it up, cranking up the heat the instant the engine turned over. It was friggin’ freezing outside. Even in the five minutes it had taken him to walk the babysitter to her front door, the temperature outside felt like it had dropped ten degrees, and his car was an icebox.
Shivering, he zipped his parka up as far as it would go and gripped the steering wheel, maneuvering the car away from the curb. He’d finally shared an evening out with his wife. It should have eased the knot in his gut. After all, it had been the first time that he and Carla had left their infants with a sitter since the babies had been born a month ago. And Judy was the perfect babysitter—a good girl from a good family, one who studied rather than doing drugs and screwing horny guys.
Still, dinner had been strained.
Anthony had only picked at his manicotti, his favorite dish at Raimo’s. His mind was far away, and acid kept building up in his stomach.
Carla couldn’t stop worrying and talking about the babies. She’d checked her watch a dozen times, intermittently giving Anthony puzzled looks and asking if he was okay.
Each time she asked, he’d assure her that he was fine, just exhausted from work and midnight feedings. As if to contradict his words, some new waiter had dropped a tray of dishes on the floor, and Anthony had nearly jumped out of his skin at the crash.
Carla rose, asking him to order her another drink and to get one for himself to calm his nerves. Giving in to her new-mother concerns, she went to the pay phone in the back to call Judy for an update. So far, so good, Judy had reported. But that didn’t totally erase Carla’s fretting. She tried her best to be bright and chatty, but the truth was that, as this point, she was ready to go. She’d fiddled with her napkin and sipped at her drink, making small talk and glancing at the door.
Getting the hell out of there had worked for Anthony. He was more than ready to be home with his family and not out in the open. He’d use his fatigue as an excuse. He had to continue keeping the inevitable from Carla, until he had no choice but to tell her. He’d soften the blow as best he could. But the important thing was that his family would be protected at all costs.
Now, the heat in his car roared to life, warming his body but doing nothing to extinguish his inner chill. He knew the rules. No transgression went unpunished.
Why the hell had he been so preoccupied with new fatherhood that he’d forgotten to make his collections from the designated list of construction foremen these past two weeks? That in itself was a huge black mark against him—one he’d be punished for. But the outcome of his stupidity opened the door to a far more lethal punishment. Someone else had been sent to handle his route, and his money. They would have collected and turned over twice the amount he’d been handing over. And that meant he’d better be able to explain the discrepancy—assuming he’d even be asked before he was killed.
Please God, let him have that chance. He was just on the verge of buying that gas station he’d been single-mindedly building his bank account for, just about to provide for his family’s future.
And now this.
With shaking hands, Anthony switched on the radio, gritting his teeth as Madonna’s voice blasted off the windows, followed by Michael Jackson’s. He turned the dial until finally the soothing tones of Frank Sinatra’s voice filled the car. Sinatra. Perfect. The Chairman of the Board’s crooning was just the right medicine to ease his clawing anxiety.
He reached his street and turned down the line of small brick row houses, all identical in their flat lines, gated fronts, and tiny gardens. There was a certain comfort and peace about the sameness of it all; it made it feel like a neighborhood.
Would he ever feel that sense of comfort and peace again?
He pulled into his narrow driveway and spotted Carla standing at the front door with a broad smile, giving him a thumbs-up. That meant the infants had come through their first babysitting experience with flying colors.
He forced himself to smile back, but even as he did, his gaze swept the area around the house to see if he was alone. It appeared so. Quickly, he turned off the car and then made the frigid dash to his house.
He couldn’t shut and lock the door behind him fast enough.
The soothing warmth from the heating system enveloped him when he stepped inside. Comfort in yet another form. He was home. Carla and the babies were safe. And for the moment, so was he.
With a wave of relief—however temporary—he let the tension in his body ease. He shrugged out of his jacket and hung it on the coatrack.
“You look happy,” he teased Carla. “What’s the final report?”
Carla’s eyes twinkled. “They were perfect. Judy said they’d only woken up once for their bottles and a diaper change. Now they’re sleeping like little angels.”
“Good.” Anthony looped an arm around his wife’s shoulders and led her toward the living room. “How about a nightcap before bed—to celebrate the success of our first night out?”
“That sounds wonderful.” Carla walked beside him, making a left into their comfortable living room.
They’d barely taken half a dozen steps when a tall masked man dressed in black rose from behind the large armchair, his .22 caliber pistol raised.
“Hello, Anthony.”
Anthony knew that voice only too well, and it elicited the chilling knowledge that there was no way out. No threats. Just death. “Welcome home.”
The man’s finger tightened around the trigger.
“No!” Carla screamed.
She threw herself in front of her husband just as the pistol fired.
The bullet pierced her skull, and with a shattering cry, she crumpled to the floor.
“Carla… no… Carla!” Anthony shouted. He dropped to his knees beside his wife’s lifeless body, grabbing her into his arms and openly weeping. “God forgive me. Oh, God forgive me.”
He looked up in dazed anguish, just as a second shot was fired.
The bullet struck Anthony between the eyes. His head jerked backward, and he fell over his wife, dead. Upstairs, the babies started to cry.
The gunman shoved his pistol back in his waistband. He knew the mob code like he knew his own name. No women. No children. Omertà.
A woman lay dead before him, the taunting evidence of a fuckup.
He took the steps two at a time.
Tucked in their cribs, the babies were still crying as their parents’ killer entered the nursery and hovered over them.
Not even the nightlight could eradicate the darkness.
Excerpt from A Face to Die For by Andrea Kane. Copyright © 2017 by Andrea Kane. Reproduced with permission from Bonnie Meadow Publishing LLC. All rights reserved.

Author Bio:

Andrea Kane
Andrea Kane is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of twenty-eight novels, including fourteen psychological thrillers and fourteen historical romantic suspense titles. With her signature style, Kane creates unforgettable characters and confronts them with life-threatening danger. As a master of suspense, she weaves them into exciting, carefully-researched stories, pushing them to the edge—and keeping her readers up all night.
Kane’s first contemporary suspense thriller, Run for Your Life, became an instant New York Times bestseller. She followed with a string of bestselling psychological thrillers including No Way Out, Twisted, and Drawn in Blood.
Her latest storytelling triumph, A Face To Die For, extends the Forensic Instincts legacy where a dynamic, eclectic team of maverick investigators continue to solve seemingly impossible cases while walking a fine line between assisting and enraging law enforcement. The first showcase of their talents came with the New York Times bestseller, The Girl Who Disappeared Twice, followed by The Line Between Here and Gone, The Stranger You Know, The Silence that Speaks and The Murder That Never Was.
Kane’s beloved historical romantic suspense novels include My Heart’s Desire, Samantha, The Last Duke, and Wishes in the Wind.
With a worldwide following of passionate readers, her books have been published in more than twenty languages.
Kane lives in New Jersey with her husband and family. She’s an avid crossword puzzle solver and a diehard Yankees fan. Otherwise, she’s either writing or playing with her Pomeranian, Mischief, who does his best to keep her from writing.

Catch Up With Andrea Kane On: Website , Goodreads , Twitter , & Facebook !


  There will be one (1) winner of an Amazon.com Gift card AND five (5) winners of one (1) eBook edition of A Face to Die For by Andrea Kane! The giveaway begins on September 18th and runs through October 22, 2017.

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#Cover Reveal - Liar's Pact by Jacqueline Garlick

Liar’s Pact
Jacqueline Garlick
Publication date: October 17th 2017
Genres: Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult
What’s a Little Lie Among Friends?
A wild barn party. A disturbing sensation. A foolish prank. A near-fatal crash. Kyla Cooper wakes the next morning to find herself the center of an investigation, accused of triggering her estranged boyfriend’s attempted suicide.
Wrought with heartache and rocked by jealousy, she left the party early, haunted by formidable, telepathic-like visions of stolen kisses, speeding cars, twisting metal and breaking glass. Kyla now fears she may have ignored the warning signs of danger. Could the visions she was experiencing been a preview of what was to come?
Convinced what happened to her boyfriend is no accident, Kyla embarks on a dangerous journey to expose the truth. But the only one who knows what really happened, is her boyfriend Denver. And he’s trapped in a catatonic state unable to speak.
As Denver slips deeper and deeper into catatonia, Kyla rushes to embrace her newly-found powers in order to reach him, as all the while, a dangerous pact is forming, intent on making sure the truth is never unearthed. Navigating the landmine of the mean-girl cliques and runaway gossip that swirl the halls of her high school, Kyla’s fights against blame and time to free Denver from his catatonic prison, and expose the liars in their game.
Will Kyla’s power be enough to bring Denver back, or will the pact of liars get away with near-murder?

Author Bio:
Jacqueline likes gritty stories with beating hearts, dislikes wimpy heroines and whiny sidekicks, and loves a good tale about an irresistible underdog.
Don't you?
Lumière—a steampunk-fantasy, romance adventure—is the award-winning Book One in her young adult Illumination Paradox Series.
Jacqueline is a graduate of Ellen Hopkin’s Nevada Mentoring Program, and has also studied under James Scott Bell, Christopher Vogler and Don Maass, where she was the 2012 recipient of the Don Maass Break Out Novel Intensive Scholarship.
Jacqueline is available to chat with book clubs and welcomes pod casts, guest blogs, Skype interviews and speaking engagements, as well as comments and emails from her readers.


Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Adventurers Guild by Zack Loran Clark, Nick Eliopulos (The Adventurers Guild #1)

The Adventurers Guild
by Zack Loran Clark & Nick Eliopulos

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Adventurers Guild - Book 1
Publisher: Disney Hyperion (October 3, 2017)
Publication Date: October 3, 2017
Genre: Children's Fantasy | Magic
Print Length: 320 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Few ever asked to join the Adventurers Guild. . . . Their members often died young.

In one of the last cities standing after the world fell to monsters, best friends Zed Kagari and Brock Dunderfel have high hopes for the future. Zed desperately wishes to join the ranks of the Mages Guild, where his status as Freestone's only half elf might finally be an asset. Brock, the roguishly handsome son of merchants, is confident he'll be welcomed into the ranks of the Merchants Guild.

But just as it seems the boys' dreams have come true, their lives take a startling turn . . . and they find themselves members of the perilous Adventurers Guild.

Led by the fearsome Alabasel Frond, the guild acts as the last line of defense against the Dangers-hungry, unnatural beasts from otherworldly planes. And when the boys uncover a conspiracy that threatens all of Freestone, Zed, Brock, and their new allies-Liza, a fierce noble, and Jett, a brave dwarf-must prove their worth once and for all.

This start of a thrilling new series is sure to be a hit with readers who like their fantasies clever and action-packed, with tons of humor and heart.

 The Adventurers Guild  by Zack Loran Clark, Nick Eliopulos 
(The Adventurers Guild #1)

The Adventurers Guild (The Adventurers Guild #1)Give a child a great adventure in a fantasy world and you will give them new worlds to explore, moments of wild imaginings and the love of books! THE ADVENTURERS GUILD by Zack Loran Clark and Nick Eliopulos is the story of two friends with high hopes for their futures, even though their backgrounds couldn’t be more different. Zed wants nothing more than to be chosen to be in the Mage Guild, to raise himself up from the stigma of being the only half-elf in his village. Brock wants to be a merchant, like his wealthy family. Each boy will tell their shared story in their own voices as they find themselves in a guild that spells almost certain doom for those who are chosen. The Adventurers Guild is the last line of defense against danger and as if that isn’t enough, Zed and Brock uncover a dark conspiracy that threatens their land’s very existence.

Follow Zed and Brock as they train for a job that no child should have, learn to form alliances with those around them and to understand that all isn’t what it seems to be. Can these children prove their worth and show their town the truth of what goes on behind the scenes? For those like Zed, this is a time to stand up when others would hold them down!

Meet elves, dwarves, the rich and the entitled and watch as two best friends find their inner strengths, as well as the strength of honor, no matter what. Filled with the magic of a fantasy world, characters that come alive with youthful zeal, and the quirky humor of tweens being tweens.

I was captured by the fantasy myself, and found it refreshing to see that two boys from different backgrounds could place more value in their bond than who they were or where they came from. Top notch reading for middle-grade readers, or those of us who just like well-written tales!

I received an ARC edition from Disney Hyperion in exchange for my honest and voluntary review.