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Conspiracy (The Emperor's Edge #4)Conspiracy by Lindsay Buroker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Conspiracy is book 4 in the Emperor’s Edge series. Amaranthe, Sicarius, Maldynado, Books, Akstyr and Basilard are all preparing to kidnap the Emperor per the Emperor’s request. They are practicing the exercise on a moving train. They soon discover a shipment of unscheduled weapons have been loaded to the train they are on and so begins the non-stop adventure of the Emperor’s Edge gang.

Conspiracy contains the back story on Akstyr, it gives us more of an insight into Akstyr’s life and what brought him to the place he is at now.

I really love this series. Conspiracy has the same witty dialog, fantastic chemistry between the characters and diabolically crazy plan that always seem to work out. You have an unbelievable imagination Lindsay Buroker. Who else would come up with a
“blue raccoon” hat…

From the ending of the previous book, I was hoping there was going to be more interaction between Sicarius and Amaranthe (a little more romantic tension/resolution but that wasn’t the case). Buroker is such a tease. I was also hoping that there would be more interaction with the Emperor (Sespian) which didn’t happen till the tail end of the book but that all leads us to the possibilities in book 5 :). Now for the gargantuan issue… WHAT THE HECK, how can it end like that!!! OK, OK, I did read the author’s notes at the end and she promises to write fast but man what a cliff hanger. Repeat after me Ms. Buroker, I will write my fastest, I will write my fastest… Thanks again for a fabulous read that enraptured us into the world of your imagination!

Young Adult

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