Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fantastical (Fantasyland #3) by Kristen Ashley

Fantastical (Fantasyland, #3)Fantastical by Kristen Ashley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Cora falls asleep in Seattle and wakes up in an alternate world. Fantastical starts as a somewhatSnow White story after she already met the dwarves. The birds talk, the cottage and environment is picture perfect and then everything suddenly falls apart. Cora’s “sister” Rosa rushes in her room all cheery and happy because its her wedding day. Confused and unsure what is happening, Cora allows Rosa to see her groom before the wedding enacting and ancient curse. Rosa is taken by evil creatures and Cora is rescued by an extremely dark hottie named Noctorno (Tor).

Cora soon discovers Tor is her husband and they hate eachother, well the Cora of this new world is married to Tor and he hates Cora. You see the Cora of this new world wasn’t a very nice person and almost everyone loathes her. Our Cora is actually a very sweet, loving and friendly person. It is interesting watching the interaction between our Cora and all the people she needs to woo over.

This is a complete switch from the last much darker story of The Golden Dynasty. I have to admit, this book was a very slow start for me. I wasn’t in my usual awe that I have with Kristen Ashley’s work but then it hit and it hit big. Ok, I cried and laughed and she got us to all those emotions Ashley is so brilliant at pulling out of you. I am looking forward to seeing what comes up with Noc and especially the interaction of all the women from previous books coming together. I am giving Fantastical 4.25 stars. I really enjoyed it. It was a switch up, a fairy tale style story, that we are unaccustomed from Ashley but it was an extremely entertaining read.


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