Friday, September 28, 2012

When the Temperature Rises by Deborah Palumbo

when the temperature riseswhen the temperature rises by Deborah Palumbo
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Detective Humphrey McAllister is trying to put his life back together. He’s recently divorced from his wife of 18+ years. He is recently recuperating from a near fatal injury. In an attempt to change his ways that caused all these life altering events… he has sworn off women, stopped drinking anything but ginger ale and is attempting to solve the murder of Sam Santino in less than 48 hours. But life decides to send some bumps in his road, hot dames, mobsters, a surly boss and his ex-wife.

I have to say I am not particularly a fan of crime noir, but I TRULY LOVED THIS BOOK. From the first few sentences, I was hooked. The fantastic 1948 lingo, the brutal honesty and the personal insight Humphrey has into his own character absolutely made When The Temperature Rises extraordinary. It is a fast paced and intriguing mystery. There are many very steamy but not extremely explicited romantic encounters. When The Temperature Rises really hits the spot for awesome entertainment. Fabulous creativity Deborah Palumbo! 5 Stars and a new book to add to my favorite shelf.

Adult Crime Noir


  1. Beth, I have tingles up n down my spine. I am so excited for this awesome review of my novel. I had a blast writing it, and am thrilled you enjoyed it! Thanks for the 5 out of 5 stars! WOW. Humphrey loves blondes, so he thanks u too!

    1. My blonde highlights are all thanks to my fabulous hair dresser Michele :D. Loved it, only telling the the truth...its a wonderfully fascinating crime noir!