Monday, October 1, 2012

Knight by Kristen Ashley (Unfinished Hero #1)

Knight (Unfinished Hero, #1)Knight by Kristen Ashley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Anya Gage is 27 and working hard for the life she wants to accomplish for herself. Not dreams, just life goals. She has good friends and a decent living working during the day doing clerical work, at night she goes to beauty school and on the weekends she does manicures.

Her simple existence all changes the night she attends a party with her girl friend. Her cell dies and she wants to go home, so she finds a phone in a bedroom to make a call. Little does she know that that bedroom is occupied by Knight Sebring.

Knight Sebring is not your average guy. He’s rich, owns the most popular night club in town and has a dark secretive past.

It seems that both Knight and Anya are having a hard time forgetting their short encounter. Soon the connection and romantic sparks between them cannot be denied. Knight demands complete control in everything but is unselfish when it comes to giving of himself and what he can monetarily provide.

As the secrets of Knight’s and Anya’s past unfold, they must decide if they can live with true people behind it all.

I know there has been a lot of controversy over KNIGHT. There is even a disclosure: “WARNING: This book is an ADULT EROTIC romance featuring an anti-hero. This novel contains explicit sex scenes and language. The hero in this novel lives a life by his own code with no apologies. He is not your "normal" hero. If you do not enjoy the above, this novel may not be for you.” This disclosure is posted in places of purchase and at the beginning of this book. Which I took to mean...if the topics listed above might offend or bother you, don’t read this book. As you can see, I still read this book and am glad I did.

When an author, Kristen Ashley, can take a questionable, dark characters and make you relate to their search for happiness and love, this author has created a tremendous tale. You couldn't help but have a deep connection with the character’s plights, even if the life decisions are not something you would ever consider. I was super-glued to the pages and really didn't want to put it down. Completely shocked me, made me laugh, cry and really rocked the "moral" boat but absolutely fantastic story telling.


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