Sunday, April 28, 2013

Debut Author - Released by Mia Fox (Romani Realms #1)

by Mia Fox

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Released by debut author Mia Fox is brilliantly witty, charming and fresh! Remember the tale of the genie in the bottle who must grant three wishes to the person who releases them, you know, when the big genie with the turban and crossed arms kind of smokes out of the bottle? Well, forget that guy, Suki, is anything but the stereotypical genie and hot on her tail is her an ex-friend on a mission of revenge! This genie has style, a quirky attitude and has kept up on the world throughout the years while imprisoned. Seriously, she even has investments, fashion connections and a keen sense of style! Best friends, Samantha and Charlotte, two lonely teens with equally sad pasts pool their money to buy Suki’s bottle at a secondhand shop. Meanwhile, lurking in the background is Raven, once Suki’s best friend, now her bitter enemy, out to destroy her, chasing her through the centuries since the Salem Witch Trials. Along with her sidekick, Phineas, Raven will do anything to break Suki, including attacking Samantha and Charlotte, who thanks to Suki, are being transformed from plain Janes to beautiful butterflies and are getting noticed by the guys they are crushing on!

Mia Fox has created a loveable and warm character in Suki! Her dialogue alone is worth the read as she narrates for us! Each character is well developed and fit perfectly in place. Some have their own secrets that even Suki doesn’t know! James sounds just plain hot! The plot is great, the story flows by with never a dull moment or a “snag” to slow you down. This is just a delight to read! Definitely fun, with that final hook at the end that I actually NEVER saw coming and has me waiting anxiously for book two in this series! Wow!! Mia has set the bar high for herself, but with Suki's help, and her own talent, it shouldn't be a problem to beat!

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