Sunday, April 28, 2013

Inferno by Sherryilyn Kenyon (Chronicles of Nick #4)

by Sherrilyn Kenyon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Blurb
The heat is on, and a new threat to humanity has risen…

Nick has his driver’s license and he’s not afraid to use it. But turning sixteen isn’t what he thought it would be. While other boys his age are worried about prom dates and applying for college, Nick is neck deep in enemies out to stop him from living another day. No longer sure if he can trust anyone, his only ally seems to be the one person he’s been told will ultimately kill him.

But life spent serving the undead is anything except ordinary. And those out to get him have summoned an ancient force so powerful even the gods fear it. As Nick learns to command and control the elements, the one he must master in order to combat his latest foe is the one most likely to destroy him. As the old proverb goes, fire knows nothing of mercy, and if Nick is to survive this latest round, he will have to sacrifice a part of himself. However, the best sacrifice is seldom the sanest move. Sometimes it’s the one that leaves your enemies confused, and you even more so.

And sometimes, you have to trust your enemy to save your friends. But what do you do when that enemy is you?

My Review
You must understand, I AM A HUGE SHERRILYN KENYON FAN! I read every Dark Hunter book and most of her other books so when she came out with this young adult off shoot of the Dark Hunters, I sucked them right up. I read this book totally for me, I wanted it, I bought it and now I’m going to tell you why I loved it.

1) ½ Evil Demon or not, Nick is just an all around awesome guy. Yes, he’s conflicted but what teenager isn’t without having a demon threat over their heads.

2) Ash, yup he’s here in all his yumminess!

3) Simi – I think she should get her own series, how can you not love a 11,000+ year old demon child and Goth chick fashionista.

4) Nick’s mom – who wouldn’t want the over protective, crazy obsessive, I’d do anything for my child mom. She shows complete and udder devotion and love for her son. This is a spoiler for those of you that didn’t read Dark Hunter Spoiler ALERTI balled my eyes out when she died in the Dark Hunter Series, and kinda hated Kenyon for a few days too. End of Spoiler 

5) This series has every kind of supernatural including but not limited to gods, goddesses, demons, shifters, voodoo priestesses, crazy radical humans and so much more. It is a complete thrill for any paranormal enthusiast.

Ok, Ok, I could keep going, but I’m going to stop there. If you want to read an incredible young adult, male perspective, paranormal adventure, check out this fabulous book written by this incredibly talented author Sherrilyn Kenyon. And yes, I do have to check every time I spell her name – I apparently can’t handle the slightly original spelling.

What an ending! Leaving us out there wanting more.

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