Monday, April 29, 2013

The Weakness in Me by Josie Leigh

The Weakness in Me
by Josie Leigh

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Weakness in Me by Josie Leigh tells how no matter what, love can conquer all if you give it a chance. Sometimes moving on from a lost love can be painful, but maybe the gaping hole that is left can be filled by another. Jason and Sammy met when they were children, became best friends and then more as they grew older. When it seemed she was betrayed, Sammy left Jason to start a new life without him, but Jason never stopped loving her. Five years later, a painful tragedy brought them back into each other’s lives again when Samantha survived an accident that killed her husband and Jason was called on the scene as an EMT. Reeling from the loss of Caleb and mistrustful of Jason’s intent, Samantha allows that possibly they could rebuild the friendship they both so greatly missed. Is there a chance for these two to re-kindle their lost love? Will Samantha be able to move on after Caleb’s death? Is Jason strong enough to hang on while Samantha determines if she can trust him again?
Josie Leigh has poured mountains of emotionally charged scenes into her book, creating amazing characters with depth and feelings. Even Caleb, in his death becomes a huge part of the story. Giving the characters a chance to slowly build on the positive aspects of their past, feels so right, I was lost in the story, feeling for each character and wanting things to work out for them! I think The Weakness in Me proves that there can be a second chance at love, even against all odds. If it is real, it will be there. Josie Leigh’s writing style is smooth and evenly paced, concentrating more on emotion than action in each carefully drawn scene. Romance, true romance!

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