Sunday, May 26, 2013

Amethyst by Heather Bowhay (Guardians, #1)

by Heather Bowhay

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

From its eye catching cover to the last page, Amethyst is a gem of a book. Heather Bowhay has a strong start to her new YA series, Guardian. With a touch of romance, a touch of humor and lots of tension in the plot, Young Lexi finds she has supernatural powers and is essential to a special team of Guardians, each with uniquely different powers or essences. Lexi is a rare Amethyst, with the power to heal and strengthen others. She also has the power to see the future, which may come in handy in the Guardians’s fight against the evil rapachious leeches who feed on the Essence of others. Will Lexi come into her full powers in time to make a difference in the fight against evil? Who is the mysterious Ash, who has caught her eye?
Heather Bowhay did a great job building her world, making it believable and a little mysterious! The pace had a nice flow, although at times, the dialogue seemed slightly formal for a teen. I am impressed with Ms. Bowhay’s style and look forward to the next book in this series when I hope to learn more about Ash! I’d like to thank Goodreads and Ms. Bowhay for the opportunity to read and review Amethyst! Publication Date: October, 2012

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  1. Thank you for reviewing Amethyst! Your blog is amazing...beautiful! Happy reading! :)
    Heather Bowhay

  2. You're welcome! Thank YOU for your comments regarding Tome Tender, all of the credit goes to Beth and her creative genius!