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Debut of The Pull by Brooke Morris, Author Interview and International Giveaway!

The Pull (Nademi Series #1)
by Brooke Morris

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Book Blurb:
Raised in the world of men, 18 year old Maggie has just discovered that she is a forbidden half-breed, a cross between fairies and demons, that should have been annihilated before she was even born. Before her mother could escape with her into the New World, the world of men. She soon learns why her kind are so feared as she races to save a world she has never known yet feels intimately connected to. Will Maggie be able to save the Old World from a long dormant evil that will turn everything to ash and dust?

My Review:
In the beginning, there were six creators. They created a world with 6 separate beings…Daemons, Faeires, Dwarfs, Umbrokor, Witches and Human. The creators lived with their creations until Tynan, the creator of the umbrokor started turning the world inhabitants against each other. Humans, as the weakest of all the beings, took the brunt of the attacks. War broke out and the creators decided to create a new world for just humans and then they closed themselves away from the rest of their old world creations.

Over the years man thrived in the new world while the old world has been systematically destroyed by power hungry individuals. The worst destroyer of them all was Damien a super powerful half breed. Because of Damien’s evil actions, all half breed are to be killed on sight.

Maggie is living with her adopted father and his new wife Chrissy. She is your every day girl, has a good group of friends and is facing her senior year of high school.

Lately, Maggie has been plagued by dreams. These dreams haunt Maggie even in her waking hours. She dreams of a world being destroyed, a world she keeps trying to save but can’t. There is a man in her dreams, a man she fears…and when she meets that same man on a trip to the movies, Maggie’s life will never be the same.

We follow Maggie through a complex and multi-dimensional world adventure. We watch her discover her abilities and the truth behind the secrets of her life. I found The Pull a multifaceted plot with fabulous world building by Brooke Morris. The story is a completely original take on many supernatural creatures, weaving in an elaborate back story of creators/gods and goddesses. This was a fabulous start to a very intriguing new fantasy.

This copy of The Pull was given to me by Brooke Morris in exchange for a honest review.

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About the Author and Author Interview
1.  What your writing story, what made you sit down and put your imagination into a story we all could share?

I have always loved to write.  I was an introverted kid with an over active imagination who grew up into a slightly less introverted adult with a wildly over active imagination.  I often find my stories start with a very simple thought, for instance the idea for The Pull came many, many years ago when I was a teenager.  I woke up one morning and just though, "huh, what would happen if I disappeared into my dreams?  What would the people left behind think?  What would I do?  Would I want to come back or stay there?"

I guess that is really how all my stories start. They've never started with a fully formed idea, they always just develop as I go.  Which I actually really like because it means I am getting to know my characters right along with the readers. :-)

2.  What or who was your inspiration for THE PULL?

 My inspiration for The Pull came from the thought I mentioned above and it just grew from there.  I let the idea play around in my mind, analyzing the various scenarios and emotions that would accompany those circumstances.  Eventually, I just became so enamored with the idea that I started writing it down.

3.  Do you have specific habit to help your creativity flow?  (music, a special place, writing ritual)

Hmmm, good question.  I should have something like that I guess, but much like my main character, Maggie, I tend to be too obstinate when it comes to rules/procedures/etc.  Even when they are ones I've created! So demanding that I sit down everyday and write a minimum of 5 pages just doesn't work for me.  Instead, I wait until inspiration strikes and then I will often write for days or even weeks on end, only getting about 3 or 4 hours of sleep at night.  That is the thing about having an overactive imagination, once an idea takes hold it is REALLY hard to ignore it.

I tend to write best when I can control my environment, sometimes I need it absolutely quiet, other times I need noise, so I need to be able to control those things while I am writing.  Of course, this is not always doable (Walter is the main culprit in messing with my creative flow... a slobbery tennis ball in your lap will do that to you), but I try

4.  Who is your favorite character that you created and why?

My favorite character in this book is Maggie.  She is just so fun to write because of her sass and sarcasm.  I often find myself writing in sarcastic responses I thought of too late to use in the real world; I figure I'll live vicariously through Maggie's wit and timing. ;-)

5.  Is there any books in the works and would you like to share a something about it/them?

While I am obviously most connected to Maggie and Andrew, I would really love to explore Awena and Jeremy's story in the next book.  I think delving into their back story a little more, and understanding who they were before everything fell apart, would be very interesting.

Now for some fun questions:

6.  Name of your beagle and how would you best describe your 4 legged friend?

My beagles name is Walter and he is best described as a non-discriminating foodie with a penchant for squeaky tennis balls.

7.  Favorite drink when you are relaxing with a book?

 I am a big water drinker so I would say either water or hot tea, depending on the weather.

8.  What book would you re-read?

Oh gosh, there are a TON of books I would/do re-read.  I have read Ishmael by Daniel Quinn and A Tree Grows in Brooklynn by Betty Smith more times than I can count, truly an amazing books.  I have read the Dragon Prince and Dragon Star series by Melanie Rawn a number of times; which is no small feat considering each of them are rather long and there are 6 of them total. I really like the Death Gate Cycle series by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman... Ok, I am going to stop now.

9.  Books - do you prefer paper or ebook?

That is THE question, isn't it?  Honestly I am torn; on one hand there is something very comforting about the sensations that go along with reading a physical book.  The smell of the paper and ink, the history you share with it's creased pages and worn spine- it's like an old friend.  But at the same time, I have discovered so many amazing stories through ebooks that I never would have found otherwise.  eBooks have really opened a door for readers and authors alike that was once strictly controlled by large publishing houses.  So I guess I would say both.

10.  If you had to pick a fictional character to describe yourself, which one would it be?  (doesn't have to be a book character)

Ok, I must confess I had to sit with this one a while. I would have loved to say some awesome female heroine, like Arwen from LOTR or Trinity from the Matrix, but in the end I came up with Pol, from Melanie Rawn's Dragon Prince Series.  As a child he is impulsive and driven by his gut reactions but over the series we see him develop into an adult who tries to operate more rationally (which I hope is what I am doing :-P).  He is very loyal to his loved ones and always tries to do the right thing.

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