Friday, June 14, 2013

Ten Tiny Breaths by K. A. Tucker

Ten Tiny Breaths
by K.A. Tucker

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Okay, I promise, no spoilers! I want to talk about this author's ability to draw the reader in, make them want to cry, make them want to shake the characters, maybe even toss some ice water in their faces...many times. Ten Tiny Breaths by K. A. Tucker was like an emotional punch to the gut, an eye-opening experience, a journey through the hearts and minds of its characters, routing for them one minute and hissing the next! I was in the moment form page one. I went with these characters every step of the way, lived their lives, saw what they saw, smelled what they smelled and found each character unique and necessary to the story. To become so lost in a story that may make you uncomfortable at times and to walk away still thinking about it, still unsure of how you feel about the final pages, yet still loving the story, means the author has done their job!

I also applaud K. A. Tucker for her ability to keep the story flowing along, in spite of those not-so-minor bumps in the road. She allowed her characters to grow and heal and deal with life on their own terms, regardless of what the world may have thought. The twist at the end? DID. NOT. SEE. THAT. COMING. STILL. CAN'T. BELIEVE. IT.

A review copy was provided by NetGalley and Atria Books in exchange for my honest review.

Publication Date: February 12, 2013
Publisher: Atria Books
ISBN: 0991686004
Number of Pages: 264
Genre: NY/Adult Romance
My Rating: 5 stars
Available at: Amazon / Barnes & Noble

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