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Run to Ground by Douglas P. Lyle

Run To Ground
by Douglas P. Lyle

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The twisted pedophile who kidnapped then stole the life of their only child is being released early from prison. Wasn’t it bad enough that the murder charge didn’t stick? Now the authorities are releasing Walter Whitiker for “good behavior.” For Tim and Martha Foster, this monster doesn’t deserve to live and after careful planning, praying, armed with a powerful rifle and a calculated “escape” plan, they see their mission through, ending the life of their son’s killer as he leaves prison. Run to Ground is a contemporary murder mystery, and yet, the mystery of who committed the murder and WHY is solved within just a few pages…or is it??

Meet Dub Walker. He’s one of those guys who seems to know how to find the needle in the haystack, a successful author and a forensics expert often called in as a consultant to the police department. He’s also bore witness to both the Foster’s past pain and the murder of their son’s killer. Now he and his police detective partner and best friend, T-Tommy Tortelli, as well as his ex-wife, Claire McBride, a TV reporter, are determined to get some answers. Their quest takes them on a journey full of twists, turns, revelations and most likely the most convoluted murder ever, but first, they must find the Fosters, who have vanished off the face of the Earth. Are they alone in their search? Is someone else after them for their own purposes? How could two God-fearing individuals pull off an almost perfect crime?

Run to Ground author, Douglas P. Lyle is the creative puppetmaster behind the voice of Dub Walker as Dub tells the story as he lives it. With a touch of swagger, lots of snark, and an over-the-top ability to sniff out the truth, Dub is larger than life, the perfect modern day “Dick Tracy.” The satellite characters were full of depth and the dialogue was very real, the banter, chuckle-worthy, especially if one is doing the “posturing thing” for the benefit of the bad guys! Personally, I think Claire was the toughest in this trio as they raced against the odds , as well as the clock to save the day and solve the mystery! I was hooked on this thrill ride from page one with its modern day grit, wicked-fast pace and web of subplots to get tangled up in! Who did kill Walt? (Hint: It wasn’t the butler)

I received a review copy of Run to Ground via NetGalley and Oceanview Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

Publication Date: August 7, 2012
Publisher: Oceanview Publishing
Series: Dub Walker Thrillers #3
ISBN-10: 1608090574
Number of pages: 310
Genre: Mystery/Thriller/Forensic Thriller
Age Recommendation: Adult
My Rating: 5 Stars
Available at: Amazon / Barnes & Noble

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  1. This book is great! Riveting, exciting, funny, all rolled into one. A must read.