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Point of Origin by Amanda Havard (The Survivors #2)

Point of Origin (The Survivors, #2)Point of Origin
by Amanda Havard

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review Source: I own this book
Series: The Survivors, #2
Publication Date: June 10, 2012
Publisher: Chafie Press
Page Count: 352
Genre: Adult Paranormal Fantasy/Romance
Available to Purchase From: Amazon / Barnes & Noble

The winter is upon us. The Survivors are in chaos. The war is coming.

One year ago, Sadie Matthau was living among humans, existing as one of them. But now she wakes each morning in a house in the Survivors’ City, listening to the invocations and insults of her family members as they cope with their new future. A war. Rogue abandoners turned monsters. Sadie and the icy Winters living in their midst, bringing the outside world in.

The Survivors: Point of Origin is Sadie’s quest to save her family. But can she find what she is looking for when she can barely stomach the Winters’ wintry demeanor and finds herself distracted by Cole Hardwick’s warm heart? Will she be able to uncover her family’s history even as the elders’ grip tightens around her throat? In an action packed ride full of magic and misery, terror and triumph, Sadie Matthau seeks the Survivors’ beginning just in time to face her end

My Review:
Get ready for book two in the Survivors Series! Did you love book one? Expect to be wowed again by Point of Origin by Amanda Havard and her brilliantly creative talent as we are taken on a ride of discovery, truths, lies, misdirections, revelations and, of course, more questions.
As Sadie continues on her quest for knowledge of her people’s past, she is still contemplating trying to find a way to end her long life, all in the name of research, of course. Yet she needs to get to the origins of her people in order to save both her old and new families, in spite of how the Survivors treat her. So with impending doom looming on the horizon, time is of the essence and knowledge will be the key to survival.

Carefully weaving each new piece of information into the complex and engrossing plot, Ms. Havard had a death grip on my imagination throughout Point of Origin. How much human history is accurate? From the Salem witch hunts to the unrecorded banishment of the group of “witch” children, later to be known as the Survivors, Sadie finds as many questions as answers. How does the Winter family play into the lives of the Survivors? Who is the Raven? What evil does he hold within his grasp?

Is Sadie missing her “human” world too much? Through all of the trials and tribulations going on, Sadie has two men who hold her heart, but which one is the right for her, the human, Cole or Everett, another supernatural? As with all of the characters, there is much more depth and a greater sense of realism, dimension and personality,making each man a good candidate for Sadie's heart.Sigh...

How Amanda Havard could juggle all the subplots and keep the story moving along in such a smooth manner while dishing out only “need to know” information, is a testament to her writing ability and her amazing sense of imagination and timing, leaving me anxious for book three!

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