Saturday, November 16, 2013

ARC Review - The Soul's Mark: CHANGED by Ashley Stoyanoff (The Soul's Mark, #4)

The Soul's Mark: CHANGED
by Ashley Stoyanoff

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: The Soul's Mark, Book 4, Finale
Expected Publication Date: December 2013
Publisher: Ashley Stoyanoff Books
ISBN: 9781927806029
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy/Romance

Ever since college student Amelia Caldwell moved to Willowberg, her life has been in turmoil. But with the evil vampire hunters no longer terrorizing the town, Willowberg is once again peaceful.

With a little help from Mother Nature and a dream for a better future, Mitchell has found himself in a predicament—after eight hundred years of being immortal, he is now a human while his soulmate is a vampire.

Now all Amelia and Mitchell have to do is hide from the world until his body can handle the change. But when Mitchell gets a cold, all hell breaks loose.

With an unexpected resistance rising, and an unexplained deadline from the spirits, Amelia realizes that this is a fight she cannot win alone. One thing is clear, though: to save Mitchell, he needs to change—again. But if he does, what chance does he have of surviving it?

The Soul's Mark: CHANGED (The Soul's Mark, #4)My Review:
The Soul's Mark: CHANGED by Ashley Stoyanoff
Ashley Stoyanoff has done it again! Soul’s Mark: CHANGED , the final book in this series brought closure with class! The loose ends were tied off and as I hit that last page, I found myself wanting just a little more, not because it was needed, but because I’m going to miss Willowberg and its inhabitants!

The Willowberg vampires are lost without the leadership of the now human Mitchell, who is suffering from his first illness in 800 years. Bless you, Ms. Stoyanoff, that whole “Mitchell is sick” was priceless, NOT that he was sick, but his reaction to being sick in the beginning, the descriptions of each scene, and poor Amelia! The vamps need Mitchell, but another change could kill him and Amelia knows she must follow her heart and choose the right path. If Mitchell were turned again, what would he be like now that he’s been reminded of the frailties of being human?

This was an emotional roller coaster, but the tension and turmoil was deftly blended with lighter moments. The vampire family played a huge role as a group, and their banter and dialogue was, as always, spot on!
Ms. Stoyanoff did an amazing job of keeping her characters real, painting each scene with a sense of clarity and pulled no punches in bringing every emotion to the forefront! With her usual crisp style, she kept the pace quick and brought it all home with a satisfying finish that just “felt right.” although, I will admit, if she ever decides to re-visit Willowberg, Amelia and Mitchell, I want to go, too!

Is this a series that can be re-read in the future? Definitely! I don’t think Ashley Stoyanoff’s style will ever be out of fashion!

I received an ARC edition from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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