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Midnight Guests and Other Weird Stories by Amy Michelle Mosier

Midnight Guests and Other Weird Stories
by Amy Michelle Mosier

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Publication Date: August 1, 2013
Publisher: Amy Michelle Mosier
Genre: Horror
Page Count: 220
Available from: Amazon

This collection of 13 short horror stories seeks to explore the eerie stuff, the subtle feelings we feel when something is not right; there are no vampires, witches or werewolves, neither is there much gore. Its stories are more Twilight Zone-ish. Otherwise, they are completely original and unpredictable. All of them take place in Arizona and frequently draw upon the local lore.

Just a tid bit about the first 5 stories:

Salazar's Flamenco Dancer - An art history major does research on a local artist and learns about a disturbing pattern of death.

Hidden Canyon - An Apache boy, Para-ah-dee-ah-tran, comes face-to-face with a terror his elders didn't tell him about.

Chimera - A Phoenix woman is tormented by sleep paralysis.

Old Billy - Peter recounts his youth growing up near a cemetery.

The Wind in the Hollow - Something is amiss on the Gottlieb farm and Jakob must contend with spiritual things he doesn't yet understand.

The remaining stories contain a mix of ghosts and monsters. Two are urban legends of my own creation. Maybe you will retell them. My question to you: Will you be one of my midnight guests?

*PG-13. A couple of f-bombs and one rape scene. Typo-free. Active Table of Contents.

My Review:
Midnight Guests and Other Weird StoriesMidnight Guests and Other Weird Stories by Amy Michelle Mosier has just enough "weirdness" in each story to make you look over your shoulder the next time its dark out and you are alone! Each story is short, and leaves just enough to the imagination to let your inner monster run wild!

From tales of a Halloween maze in a cornfield, designed for fun, that turns into a horror story beyond description, to a cursed painting that promises death if its stolen, the reader is taken on a dark and edgy journey. Ms. Mosier tells her tales with stark and crisp detail, sometimes with the dry detail of a reporter until the reader isn't sure if the story is true or the result of an excellent story teller who has done some amazing research. I for one, think this collection would make for perfect campfire stories, just be sure to have extra batteries for that flashlight!

Each story will make you stop and wonder, what if...

I received a review copy from the author in exchange for my honest review. Yes, I was honestly creeped out!

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