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Primal Temptation by Sydney Somers (Pendragon Gargoyles, #4)

Primal Temptation
by Sydney Somers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: Pendragon Gargoyles, Book 4
Publication Date: October 22, 2013
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
Page Count: 298
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Condemned to darkness…tempted by passion.

Pendragon Gargoyles, Book 4

Enslaved by a vengeful goddess, forced to live on blood, Lucan can barely remember life as a knight of the Round Table. Yet when one woman’s touch awakens millennium-old feelings that tame the savage darkness within him, he has no choice but to deny their all-consuming passion—for her own protection.

Cat shifter Briana Callaghan has watched all three of her brothers find their mates, but love isn’t in her future. Especially when her mate turns out to be a lethal mercenary…and the only man ever to break her heart.

When she’s chosen to compete in the Gauntlet, an immortal death match, Briana realizes the prize—the sword Excalibur—is her only hope of severing the fierce bond that has the power to destroy her.

Stunned to find themselves pitted against each other, Briana and Lucan quickly find that the only thing they’re fighting harder than their enemies is their sizzling, heartbreaking chemistry. But even if they survive the Gauntlet, claiming the woman he loves will be as impossible as letting her go.

Product Warnings
Contains adult language, skin-tingling sexual tension over a thousand years in the making, and a brutal warrior unable to resist the only woman to appeal to both the man and the monster within.

Primal Temptation (Pendragon Gargoyles, #4)My Review:
Primal Temptation by Sydney Somers
Doesn’t it figure that the only girl in the Callaghan family of gargoyles would find her soulmate and he would be an ancient, cursed blood-sucking wraith? A mercenary crazed by the need to kill? Briana and Lucan were once friends as humans, then they were cursed by Rhiannon, Arthur’s mother in a fit of rage. Both have longed for their soulmate, but could Lucan control his inner demon and not kill Briana?
Primal Tempation by Sydney Somers proves beyond any doubt that this author can write, with depth, feeling and consistency! Creating a series is easy, continuing a series with a fresh face on each addition is not, but she has done it! Her characters have heart, their feelings are intense and their pain actually hurt me! From the ancient curses to the history of King Arthur and his battle with his half sister, this is amazing read! And the off the charts, hotter than hades in July sexual tension? Whoa, makes a habanero pepper seem tame!
Great reading, great series!

I received a review copy as part of the Sydney Somers Pendragon Gargoyles Book Tour and Giveaway, currently at Tome Tender through November 17th!

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