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J. K. Walker's Salt Lake After Dark Series Spotlight & Giveaway!

 The Salt Lake After Dark Series

Book 1

 Glacial Eyes

Publication Date: March 22, 2013: 2nd edition
Publisher: J. K. Walker
Available from:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble

After a weekend party gone very, very wrong, third-year university student Jasmine Bedeau finds herself a "person of interest" to far too many interested parties. Now she has to bring a family-inherited curse—and powerful new abilities—under control or risk the consequences of the supernatural community to which she suddenly belongs. But between the police and the paranormal, the campus and the council, how's a girl to rise to the challenge of just holding onto a normal life? Werewolves, vampires, and witches—and now a serial killer targeting the supernatural, setting his sights on Jasmine and her new-found friends. It's a good thing she's a werecat, because she's not rolling over.
Dii's 4.5 Awesome Star Review!

Book 2

 Hollow Eyes

January 8, 2013
Publisher:  J. K. Walker 
Available from:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Three months ago, Jasmine learned she’d been born a snow wereleopard. Since then, she’s been hunted by a serial killer, started dating a hot dhampyr—who’s probably far too old for her—and in general had a crash course in living in a paranormal world. Now she works for the local supernatural council solving problems and running errands, in between university classes.

Just as she starts looking forward to winter break with friends and family—not to mention a little alone time with her boyfriend—a cannibal turns the city’s homeless into its all you can eat buffet, and it’s Jazz’s job to stop it. If that wasn’t bad enough, now a berserker is dead set on pounding her into paste. To top it all off, her lover is strangely distant, and she has an itch that seriously needs to be scratched.

Can she determine whose eating people in her city, resolve a conflict that’s almost as old as she is, and figure out what’s happened to her and Logan’s relationship, all before Christmas?

Book 3

 Sanguine Eyes

June 11, 2013
Publisher:  J. K. Walker
Available from:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Twenty months ago, Jasmine Bedeau found out that she’d been born a snow wereleopard and was dragged kicking and screaming into a paranormal world. Now she works for the local supernatural council as the resident troubleshooter, and she’s built quite an impressive résumé. She’s faced a serial killer, a berserker, a wendigo, and even zombies, but has any of that prepared her for what threatens her city?

The streets of Salt Lake City have been flooded with a mystical drug called Sanguine. Terribly addictive, it grants the user nearly unstoppable strength and speed, but as bad as it is, the real threat is the gang that’s pushing it. A pack of werewolves has invaded Jazz’s territory and started killing off the competition. To make matters worse, vampires have begun disappearing.

Even with the help of her friends and a mysterious new ally, will Jazz have the strength to stop the Loup Garou and find out what’s happened to the local undead?

Book 4 - Coming Soon

Fallen Eyes 

 Salt Lake After Dark Novellas

Frat House of the Dead
December 20, 2013
Publisher:  J. K. Walker
Available from:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Rachel Wood has lead a sheltered life. Sure she's a witch, with a talent for technology, but she just doesn't get out much. Halloween night, that all changes when her best friend invites her to a frat party. After someone spikes the punch with an unknown spell, Rachel must devise a magical solution before her and her friends are overwhelmed by... Zombies!

 In My Time of Dying

April 7, 2013
Publisher:  J. K. Walker
Available from:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble 

David has a problem: Angel’s pregnant with his twin daughters and he can’t be there for her. He’s a ghost. Unable to move on, he must come to terms with the circumstances of his death or be stuck forever. But how can he do that and protect the family he left behind? Angel has a problem: She lost the love of her life and she doesn’t know how she’ll go on. Having moved to a new apartment, she finds it hard to sleep and worries for the health of her unborn daughters. Is she disturbed by memories of love lost, or as her friends have warned her, is it a malevolent spirit haunting her?
 Dii's Rating:  5 Stars! 
Dii's 5 Star Review

Salt Lake After Dark Boxed Set

This boxed set includes the novels Glacial Eyes, Hollow Eyes, and Sanguine Eyes, as well as the novella's Frat House of the Dead and In My Time of Dying. 

  December 25, 2013
Publisher: J. K. Walker
Available from:  Amazon 

 About J. K. Walker

J. K. Walker is a Utah native that has been telling stories since he was first able to talk. Author of the "Salt Lake After Dark" series that follows Jasmine Bedeau and her friends, both normal and supernatural, through their adventures in a paranormal world hidden within our own.

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J. K. Walker is generously offering a HUGE Giveaway!

Grand Prize:  Three Book Signed Set of the Salt Lake After Dark Series
2nd Place: Three Winners will EACH receive eCopies of the Salt Lake After Dark Boxed Set
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