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Joshua's Tree by N. W. Harris (Joshua's Tree Trilogy, #1)

Joshua's Tree
by N.W. Harris

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: Joshua's Tree Trilogy, Book 1
Publication Date: June 26, 2013
Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing
Genre: YA Fantasy/Adventure
Number of Pages: 277
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


When a skateboarding accident hurls 17-year-old Joshua Tyler into a dismal future overrun by flesh-eating mutants, he taps into the strength and courage hidden within him and manages to stay alive, only to discover his horrifying relationship to the scientific genius who brought all life on Earth to the brink of annihilation.

Aided by Nadia, a beautiful warrior student who believes he may be the prophesized savior sent to rescue her people, Josh learns to fight for survival. Terrified by the constant threat of a violent death, Josh wants nothing more than to get back to his own life. But the longer he survives in this strange place, the more he learns about its creation. Charged with the job of assassinating the enemy’s leader, Josh begins to uncover his connection to the army of cannibalistic monsters—a nightmarish truth that could prevent him from ever finding his way home.

Joshua's TreeMy Review:
Joshua's Tree by N. W. Harris

Strap yourself in and sit tight, we’re going to travel to future Earth in the amazing YA tale, Joshua’sTree by N. W. Harris that will allow your inner hero to be a part of saving the world. Time travel, adventure, and the survival of those who live in the future rest on the shoulders of plain, regular, chess playing, seventeen-year-old Joshua. Rudely sent into a world where technological miracles, powerful beasts, and a lone warrior girl co-exist amid a lifestyle reminiscent of the days of long ago, Joshua arrives and is at the mercy of huge beasts called sweepers, with grotesquely huge bodies and faces. He is saved by Nadia, who believes he is the savior whose arrival has been foretold through an ancient prophecy and she is the lone warrior who must protect him at all costs. As this disciplined and controlled warrior and the geeky kid from the past form a tenuous bond and break their language barrier, they set off on an incredible journey to conquer a powerful entity called the Father. Along the way they fight monstrous snakes, sand storms and hideous cannibalistic beasts who challenge them along the way. Battered and bruised, alone in strange land, there is a spark of young romance igniting that both Nadia and Joshua fight to keep under control. Will the prophecy be fulfilled? Will Joshua be able to go back to his own time? Will Nadia’s world become safe?

N. W. Harris’ first book of this YA and younger YA fantasy trilogy promises future epic reading to follow! Two strong characters, both fabulous role models for young readers, adventure, larger than life threats that are overcome, Joshua’s Tree is magnetic, one of those books that will draw even a reluctant reader into the world of books and imagination. N. W. Harris has built a world where every step, every smell and sound felt like I was right there. Which wonderful descriptions that flow throughout, every animal, no matter how different played across the screen of my mind. Joshua is a brilliant, if unlikely hero who has “come into himself” in a huge way. Nadia is a force to be reckoned with, but each of them never quite fit in among their peers. Thanks to N. W. Harris, the imaginations of readers old or young are allowed to fly free with the possibilities to do great things!

I received a copy from the author in exchange for my honest review! Honestly, this a one of those gems that should be read and shared!

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