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Here for the Cake by Emily Poule

Written By: Emily Poule
Rating: 5 of 5
First Published: March 7, 2014
Genre: Chic Lit
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"Something should happen: a thunderbolt should erupt, a car should crash, a bell should ring. There should be a soundtrack—some horrible, frightening sound to accompany the news of your ex-boyfriend marrying one of your best friends from high school. Especially when you're still in love with him."

No, of course she wasn't going. Are you insane? For 29-year-old academic Mina Joseph, going to Luke's destination wedding to the venomous Ella Hutchinson would be the ultimate act of lunacy. It would be much safer to stay in her shitty studio in Boston so she could stalk the Facebook pages of the bride, groom, and every other guest in attendance before falling asleep in a box of tears and Wheat Thins.

But Luke's best man, the insufferably charming Benjamin Fogarty, has different plans for Mina. Not only is Ben desperate to break up the mismatched couple before they say their “I do’s,” he is convinced that Luke is still in love with Mina (though he can’t figure out why). So, Ben offers Mina $2400 and a plane ticket to come out of hiding and seduce the groom.

Armed with a new wardrobe, devious friends, and copious amounts of tequila, Mina has five days to rekindle her love with Luke, expose Ella for the certifiable psychopath that she is, and at all costs, avoid having sex with the best man, regardless of how hot it could be.

My Review:
Here for the CakeHere for the Cake by Emily Poule

Here For The Cake was just what the doctor ordered! A deliciously fun, exciting and hilarious read with fantastic characters and a fabulous and conniving storyline. I absolutely loved it!

Mina Joseph is an academic, studying and assisting at Boston University. Since the tragic dumping by the love of her life, Luke, who is now getting married to one of her "friends from high school", mega bitch Ella, in Mina's dream location, Costa Rica; Mina has buried her head in her study, forever pining over him, never being able to let go.
When an invitation to the wedding arrives, Mina dismisses it. But when Luke's best friend Ben drops by and offers her a plane ticket and spending money for a makeover in the hopes of breaking up the wedding, by showing Luke what he let go, Mina only needs a little encouragement to agree to go along. If worst comes to worst she gets a free holiday with her 2 besties, Josie and Salma and a hot new look and wardrobe.
What happens next is an unbelievably excellent story of deceit, romance, hope and longing, with a truck load of frivolous fun, laughter and a bloody awesome ending.

What a cast of characters! I think I've fallen in love with them all! Especially Mina, Josie & Ben.
Mina isn't like most leading ladies. She isn't a dickhead who makes ridiculously stupid mistakes that you just want to slap her for; she doesn't play the victim, she is a strong admirable woman who just needs closure so she can move on with her life. Bestie #1 Josie, is an absolute firecracker and someone I'd want in my corner! The stuff that comes out of her mouth had me literally laughing out loud, to the point I was worried I was going to wake up my sleeping husband and kids. Just so freakin' funny!
Bestie #2, Salma (Luke's older sister), was the pacifier of the trio, but she was a little pocket rocket herself, and such a loving and caring friend.
Luke is so mixed up. He clearly has feelings for Josie but is adamant that marrying Ella is the right thing to do. I only felt sorry for him a little bit.
Ella is a....(I've got to watch my language here) crazy MOLE!!! (the skin growth, not the animal). What a piece of work! She is one stuffed-up (see how I censored it!) individual! The level to how low she could stoop totally added to the twisted story!
And last but not least, Ben. He's a male slut and proud of it! But what a guy! His humor and hubris were just do damn charming! And that wit! He was to die for!

One thing I particularly enjoyed was what was going on in the background of this novel; so much detail with all the dirty little side stories of all of the "high society" guests, I just couldn't get enough! The setting was beautifully described, leaving me with a vivid picture in my mind.

Here For The Cake would have to be the BEST "chic lit" book I've ever read. It is a feel-good book that all though had some sad parts, was a fantastically uplifting story. Excellent writing Ms. Poule! I can't wait to read more of your work!

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