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Solstice Island by Mae Clair

Solstice Island
by Mae Clair

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Publication Date: April 4, 2014
Publisher: Mae Clair
Genre: Romance, Adventure - Adults
Print Length: 72 pages
Available from: Amazon


Can an ancient leviathan work magic between a practical man and an idealistic woman?

Rylie Carswell is an amateur cryptozoologist in search of a mythical creature, the Sea Goliath. In order to reach Solstice Island, a location the ancient leviathan is rumored to haunt, she’s forced to hire charter boat captain, Daniel Decatur.

Initially, Daniel wants nothing to do with the trip or the fool woman waving double payment in his face. Convinced she’s yet another loony treasure hunter looking for gold on the remote island, he reluctantly agrees. An embittered neighbor wants to have his charter license yanked, so the extra cash will help him stay afloat.

It doesn’t take long for Daniel to realize Rylie is after the same beast his parents were tracking when they mysteriously vanished ten years earlier. He’s avoided all links to cryptozoology ever since, but the smart and sexy cryptid hunter has him second-guessing his oath and wondering what he’s signed on for.

Warning: A family legacy, glowing plankton and rough waters.

Solstice IslandMy Review:
Solstice Island by Mae Clair
My Rating:

Raise your hand if you know what cryptozoology is or what a cryptid hunter is? Hint: think Lochness Monster, the Sea Goliath or some other leviathon. I admit, I had NO idea until I read Mae Clair’s Solstice Island! Mae Clair has used her magic imagination to create a romantic tale of adventure, mythology, and tales from the sea, and molded it into a wonderful, warm read that captures the imagination while giving a good tug on your heart strings. Get ready for a seafaring adventure that only those who lived it can truly believe as their lives are changed forever.

Daniel became a practical man the day his parents disappeared while hunting down a mythical creature on a small island. Their lifelong dreams were their downfall, leaving Daniel young, alone and lost. When another horrendous accident at sea occurs while Daniel was the captain of his own tour boat, his guilt further eats away at the man he used to be, his dreams are ashes and life is merely tolerable. Enter the beautiful and intelligent Rylie, who offers to fill the coffers of Daniel’s rapidly dwindling account, hesitantly he says yes, only to discover she is chasing the same dreams, the same mythical creature as his parents. To her their work is still the Holy Grail of Cryptozoology and she knows all about Daniel and his past. Was it her or fate that sets Daniel down the path of his parents, a path he vowed NEVER to follow?

Will Rylie’s determination break through Daniel’s defenses? Will she make a believer out of him, again? Will she awaken his dead heart to the possibilities of a life filled with joy, if they survive the discoveries that await them on the island?
Mae Clair has hit a new high, with Solstice Island, creating characters that are completely believable, who feel pain, joy and wonder. With great dialogue, detailed scenes and the rise and ebb of this tale, you will feel the sea breeze, the chop of the water and smell the salt in the air. You WILL be drawn in to this amazing, short tale of love, discovery and redemption. So grab you sea legs and climb aboard, and don’t forget your life vest for this great beach read for a quiet afternoon escape.

I received this copy from Mae Clair in exchange for my honest review.

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