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The Father by N. W. Harris (Joshua's Tree Trilogy, #2)

The Father
by N.W. Harris

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

 Series: Joshua's Tree Trilogy - Book 2
Publication Date: December 26, 2013
Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing
Genre: Teen/YA Fantasy
Number of Pages: 291
Available from: Amazon


After discovering he’s destined to annihilate nearly all life on the planet, Joshua must take charge of a cannibalistic army of mutants with hopes of starting a civil war that will end the reign of evil—or bear the responsibility for destroying the few good people who remain on the planet.

Captured by the leader of the sweepers, Josh learns he will grow up to be a genetic engineer responsible for creating the flesh-eating monsters. The Father recruits him to lead an army of sweepers against the evil generals who resist the termination of the sweeper experiment originally designed to bring an end to a global war that threatened to render the planet uninhabitable. At first repulsed by his telepathic ability to control the sweepers, Josh becomes addicted to the power to control thousands of the creatures at once. Believing him dead, Nadia rejoins her people, where she struggles to gain respect while leading them to safety. Inadvertently pursuing her across the land, Josh may not be able to stop his sweepers from destroying Nadia and her dwindling tribe when they collide in battle.

The Father (Joshua's Tree Trilogy, #2)My Review:
The Father by N. W. Harris
My Rating:  5 Stars
Clear your calendar for book two in the Joshua’s Tree Trilogy, because you will not want to be yanked out of Joshua’s world for ANY interruptions. The Father by N. W. Harris continues Joshua’s often gruesome journey after the bombshell he has been blasted with in book one, Joshua’s Tree. Torn from his own world, Joshua has been transported to a future Earth, a nightmarish world unlike anything Joshua could have imagined where the only bright spot is Nadia, a young warrior who believes he is a savior sent to free the people from the oppressive forces of The Father and his minions.

Joshua has been captured by The Father, and the flesh-eating Sweepers have taken Joshua on a brutal underground journey where the mental torture they ravage Joshua’s mind with is a game to them. Meanwhile Nadia has secured allies in the Atlantians in her search to find and save Joshua, having no idea of the ordeals he is facing or how they will affect his mental stability. Will Joshua fall victim to The Father’s evil machinations? Will he become another puppet, addicted to the power of a mind connection to the sweepers, continuing The Father’s annihilation of the humans? Can Nadia save Joshua from himself?

Once again, I am completely blown away by N. W. Harris’ ability to maintain the world he has created with such apparent ease, all while building more tension, more intrigue and more chaos and turmoil for Joshua and Nadia. This future world is bleak, dark and dangerous, filled with unknowns, mistrust and pure fear. Never once does N. W. Harris shy away from his raw, bold method of writing, so for the faint of heart, you are warned! For those who enjoy dark fantasy that pounds across the pages in vivid detail, taut with tension, sucking you into the vortex that is Joshua’s world, I say hold on tight, you’re not in Kansas anymore!

Action-packed, emotionally charged and full of more twists than a coiled cobra, The Father will have you rooting for Nadia and Joshua, no matter what, as they grow, as they succeed and even when their weaknesses are exposed like gaping wounds. For an author to do all that, they truly have succeeded in telling their tale. The hardest part of reading this epic trilogy is that sooner or later one must return to reality.

I received this copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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