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Grace Unexpected by Gale Martin

Grace Unexpected
by Gale Martin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Publication Date: July 13, 2012
Publisher: Booktrope Editions
ISBN: 1935961616
Genre: Adult Romance - Humor
Print Length: 273 pages
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Thirty-something Grace Savage has slogged through crummy jobs and dead-end relationships with men who would rather go bald than say "I do." In search of respite from her current job, she visits Shaker Village in New Hampshire. Instead of renewal, she's unnerved to learn that Shaker men and women lived and worked side by side in complete celibacy. When her longtime boyfriend dumps her instead of proposing, Grace avows the sexless Shaker ways. Resolved to stick to her new plan - dubbed the Shaker Plan - despite ovaries ticking like time bombs, she returns to her life in Pennsylvania. Almost immediately, she's juggling two eligible bachelors: Addison, a young beat reporter; and True, a venerable anthropology professor. Both men have ample charms and soul mate potential to test her newfound Shaker-style self-control, and Grace appears to be on the fast track to a marriage proposal... until secrets revealed deliver a death rattle to the Shaker Plan.

Grace UnexpectedMy Review:
Grace Unexpected by Gale Martin
My Rating: 5 Stars

Best core workout, EVER! I laughed so hard throughout Grace Unexpected, my abs are killing me now! What goes on inside the mind of author Gale Martin, whatever it is, it calls to my inner snark monster perfectly! Never thought the often overwhelming singles life could be so hysterical, in spite of its pitfalls, break ups and ticking biological clocks.

From almost engaged to suddenly single to having TWO amazingly hot, totally different men lusting for her, Grace’s head and heart are both spinning. Too bad she made a vow to remain celibate until there is a commitment. Meanwhile, she is getting blasted from all directions, set up for failure at work, her cougar mother is honing in on one of her men and her “clock” is starting to sound like a time bomb.

Gale Martin knows how to take one of life’s trials and turn it into a three ring circus of love, loss and attitude. As ringmaster, Ms. Martin totally rocks the show with her main character, Grace, although I have to say, this is probably one of the best cast of characters ,EVER for a humorous romance with snark. We have the evil co-worker, the charming older man, the electrifying younger man, and the gay assistant/friend who isn’t quite sure if he’s gay, bi or what. I tend to believe that Gale Martin may be the best cure for the blues, ever and I’d pay for tickets to a journey through her mind!!

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  1. What a wonderful review. You really get Grace (and you "get" me, too, Dii). I feel like Sally Field at the Oscars: "You like me. You really like me."