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The Friendship Stones by Alan Black (The Ozark Mountain Series #1)

The Friendship Stones
by Alan Black

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: Ozark Mountain Series - Book 1
Publication Date: January 21, 2014
Publisher: Alan Black
ISBN: 1492788201
Genre: Fiction/Historical Fiction/YA on up
Print Length: 245 pages
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LillieBeth Hazkit is thrust into an adult world of evil and of evil men, she has to grow up much too fast, learning of love, of tribulation and of facing her demons with fire, fury, anger, and blossoming maturity. Growing up in the Ozarks in 1920, she loves everyone and in her twelve years of wisdom believes all people are endowed with love and kindness. Her daddy gets home only on weekends, so she and her mama take care of their small, rented farm. She has become very adept with her precious .22 rifle helping Mama put meat on the table. She feels compelled to obey the command to love our neighbors, a scripture she learned at her little country church and school house. It comes as an immense shock when she learns the friendless, crazy old man down the road does not want to be her friend and it becomes her mission to convince him that she loves him and wants to be a good neighbor.

The Friendship StonesMy Review:
The Friendship Stones by Alan Black
My Rating: 5 Stars

Settle in and get ready to read a heartwarming coming of age story for a young and innocent young girl living in an isolated and poverty-stricken area of the Ozark Mountains in the 1920s. LillieBeth has only known the most basic and simple pleasures of life, food on the table, the love of family, and her unfailing belief in the teachings of God, her teacher and her Sunday Services. She is twelve years old, an age where she starts to notice boys, starts to fantasize of being married, but only in the most innocent of ways. She is still able to enjoy playing outdoors when there is time, but as her life progresses, her responsibilities grow and she becomes determined to do what God would want and share her time with those who are the least likely to have anyone to be their friend, because they need love the most.

LillieBeth attempts to befriend a bitter old soldier who trusts no one and makes no bones about not wanting her on his property. Determined, she returns over and over, in spite of a horrendous experience that could have ruined her, had she not been so emotionally strong. When her world comes crashing down and her family is forced to move out of their run down home, perhaps all of the good she has always tried to spread will come back to her through God’s mysterious ways.

The Friendship Stones by Alan Black is one of the most beautifully written tales I have ever read, part historical fiction, part inspirational reading, part coming of age, told through the mind and heart of a twelve-year-old girl, the innocence of youth and the times shines through like a glittering diamond. Alan Black took me to a time and place I have never been to and yet, I could see it plainly in my mind, the simple joys of life and giving and being happy with what one has, while struggling to survive. Let go of your mind’s control and you will experience the dusty roads, the rocky fields and poverty that is all these people have known. There is no fast action, no great adventure, no thunderous preaching, just a journey that can be savored and reveled in through the eyes and heart of young LillieBeth.

Had I missed reading The Friendship Stones I would have missed some of the magic of books.

I received a review copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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