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Wolf by Jim Ringel Review & Giveaway


by Jim Ringel
  May 12, 2014

Print Length: 264 pages

Johnny Wolfe carries his dog Sindra in a vial that he keeps in his pocket. He carries her out of loyalty. He carries her out of guilt. He carries her because there are no more dogs in this world. And he carries her to connect to her feral nature, so that he might take her inside himself and feel her animal wildness.

Johnny’s life is in shambles. His sales career at Bulldog Enterprises is on the blink. On his way to work one day he comes across a colleague who is killed by a dog. But with dogs now extinct, how is this possible? Going through his colleague’s dead body, Johnny discovers the colleague is carrying a rather sizeable sales order. Figuring “he’s dead, I’m not”, Johnny decides to place the order as his own.

Except he can’t figure out what product the colleague is selling. As he gets closer to understanding the product, Johnny starts to realize it has more and more to do with why the dogs might be returning, and why they’re so angry.

Then he starts to wonder if maybe the dogs know more about him and Sindra, and if maybe they’re angry with him.

Dii's Review

A world without dogs? Dogs killed off? Extinct? Truly, a dystopian mystery with a smattering of horror, Wolf by Jim Ringel, is edgy, dark and definitely a walk on the wild side. After breeding designer dogs for every purpose, they are killed off and society is floundering. Caught up in the memories of his childhood pet, Sindra, and the guilt for what he did to her, Johnny Wolf tries to assume the best traits of her by carrying a vial that contains an injectable concoction made from her remains. In a misguided hope he would always have her near, as a part of him, Johnny is desperate, lonely and a failure in not only his own eyes, but the eyes of those around him. Fate steps in and he sees his chance to shine, but in the “dog-eat-dog” world of being a salesman, his grab at the brass ring is stolen, and he becomes determined to regain his loss. Too bad Johnny discovers there is more going on than he could ever have imagined in his worst nightmares. Friends become foes, and a conspiracy is afoot. Dogs are reappearing and Johnny seems to raise their ire without trying. Do they smell Sindra on him? Who or what is behind this chaotic and terrifying world Johnny has been thrown in to? Does science have something to do these dogs, or has greed corrupted an already dismal world?

Whether you’re a dog lover or not, Jim Ringel’s dark and dystopian world is filled with imagination and intrigue! Let the story sink in, absorb his attention to detail as he sets the stage for each scene. He writes with a stark, yet riveting style that pulls the reader along the twisted path he has created, while wickedly stirring the pot that almost boils over with tension. Using interesting dialogue between some of the characters, he teases the mind with what could be hints to unraveling this mystery. Is anyone who they seem to be? Jim Ringel will keep you guessing on that one until the very end and after that last word is over, you'll still be dissecting this tale looking for hidden meanings. When an author can hold me enthralled when the book is finished, for me, they have done their job.

 Jim Ringel lives in Boulder, CO. When not writing fiction, he can be found hiking, biking, and skiing in the Colorado mountains, or sitting still and meditating at home.

He also does a lot of reading, and is a long-standing member of Denver’s Lighthouse Literary Workshop.

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