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American Sky by Fred Tribuzzo

American Sky
Good Landings and Other Flying Adventures
by Fred Tribuzzo

My rating: 4.5 stars

Publication Date: March 1, 2014
Publisher: Koehler Books
Genre: Autobiography | Travel
Print Length: 272 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


American Sky is the story of a young man going to work for a father and son, learning the skills for starting a Lycoming or Continental engine on a hot summer day, as well as the daily humor, courage, and vision to pursue dreams. Whether attending a training session with a fellow pilot whose relative snapped the famous photograph of the Wright Brothers first flight, or listening to a grouchy cab driver's pithy remarks before a long flight home, the author encounters people and random experiences as if they're signposts of life. He learns that a teacher can often be a place, a stranger, a storm, the sky itself. The world comes awake, and on the eve of starting flight lessons, a World War Two veteran will insist the author give up sailplanes and experience powered flight, the joy of driving straight up into the clouds. In American Sky, events and people shift in time and experiences blossom unexpectedly. Yet the influence of a mentor remains a visible, poignant anchor.

American Sky: Good Landings and Other Flying AdventuresMy Review
American Sky by Fred Tribuzzo
My Rating: 4.5 Stars

How often do you read an autobiography? Is it usually about a well-known figure, telling of his/her journey to where he/she is today? Most of us read fiction; it’s a relaxation thing, something to pull us into another world. I stepped out of my normal comfort zone and read American Sky by Fred Tribuzzo, an autobiography of his journey through life and the lives and experiences that made him the man he is today, a seasoned pilot who has seen the world, flown a multitude of planes, faced certain death and lived to tell the tale.
Mr. Tribuzzo picks through his most memorable moments, the people who crossed his path and left him a better man and beaks them down chapter by chapter, strung together like short stories with one common bond, the author, himself. Fred Tribuzzo writes with feeling, he conveys his love of flying, the stress of being an airline pilot with the safety of hundreds of souls in his hands as he soars across the skies. Rich in the most intricate of details, from family to dear friends to the planes he is attached to, this journey of a not-so-well-known man is one that will bring a few laughs, a few tears and a new genre into your life.

Is it for everyone? Maybe not, but how do you know if you don’t at least try a sample? I admit, sometimes I wish I knew more about aviation beyond finding the best deals and snagging the exit seat, American Sky was enlightening as well as well-written. This author has a good sense of style in his storytelling and this is an amazing tale. 4.5 Stars!

I received a review copy from the author as part of the American Sky tour & Giveaway stopping at Tome Tender July 1, 2014.

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  1. Wonderful book. Puts you right in the pilot's seat (well, better to be in the seat NEXT to Fred!).