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Checked Again by Jennifer Jamelli (Checked, #2)

Checked Again
by Jennifer Jamelli

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Checked - Book 2
Publication Date: June 3, 2014
Publisher: Jennifer Jamelli
Genre: Adult Fiction/Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 338 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Book two in the Checked Trilogy. Callie is alone. She’s back to counting, checking, and cleaning. Back to normal. Well, almost normal. She can’t stop thinking about Dr. Blake. When he shows back up, Callie doesn’t know what to do. Ignore him? Push him away? Or…

Checked Again (Checked, #2)My Review
Checked Again by Jennifer Jamelli
My Rating:  5 Stars

If you read Checked by Jennifer Jamelli, you have an idea of the chaotic life of a person who must deal with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), as well as how it affects those around them. Jennifer Jamelli is back with more trials and tribulations in the life of Callie. Once again, with Checked Again, Ms. Jamelli adds a good dose of humor, heart and the heartbreak of this disorder as Callie is forced into situations she cannot control, which could send her over the edge, as the comfort of her daily rituals must be disrupted. Add to that the fact that Dr. Blake has resurfaced in her life like a phantom Knight in shining armor, always knowing what she needs to feel calm, almost before she does. But he has his own issues to deal with and using Callie as his personal redemption ticket is not what she needs. Will he betray her again and run as before? Will Callie learn to overcome some of her quirks?

Jennifer Jamelli speaks to us with heart, filling each page with chaotic and emotional mental stress that feels like a washing machine on the agitate or spin cycle. Written as only a person with an up-close connection to OCD can, every ounce of tension and stress come screaming across every word as Ms. Jamelli plays maestro to the discordant symphony she has written. My head spun, my heart accelerated and my insides tightened, sometimes from laughter, sometimes from the stress I’m feeling as I begin to mirror Callie’s innermost feelings. Wonderful reading, powerful and entertaining all at once, this series I and this author should be on your reading radar!

I received this copy from Jennifer Jamelli in exchange for my honest review.

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