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The Purest of the Breed by Tracy Tappan

The Purest of the Breed
by Tracy Tappan

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Community - Book 2
Expected publication: July 1st 2014
Publisher: B. Reed Publishing
ISBN13: 9780991261338
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance/Intrigue
Print Length: 360 pages
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 Plagued by enemies from above and below ground, a group of Vârcolac warriors fight a desperate battle to keep their secret town safe from invasion

A different place to find her dreams…

The night Marissa Bonaventure is saved from vicious kidnappers by special operative, Dev Nichita, her life is changed in ways she never could have imagined. Brought to the safety of an underground “research institute,” she’s offered a hefty sum of money to stay on and work for a year, money that will allow her to fulfill her lifelong dream of owning a restaurant. But the surreal events that unfold in the strange community of Ţărână soon make her wonder if all is what it seems. When the shocking truth about Dev is exposed, Marissa faces an impossible decision. She loves Dev deeply, but committing to a Vârcolac is a forever proposition, and the only way she can be with Dev will require her to throw away her one chance to redeem a miserable past.

The man he wants to be…

The night Dev Nichita rescues Marissa from the claws of the Om Rău demon race, he knows she’s meant to be his mate. Lying to her about his true nature feels wrong, but he needs time to make her fall in love with him before he reveals that he’s a different breed of human being. When that secret finally comes out, their relationship is shattered in ways Dev hadn’t predicted. A 100-year-old betrayal rises up to threaten their future together—devastating every member of his family—and Dev’s own angry withdrawal becomes a nearly insurmountable obstacle. Then the Topside Om Rău enemy threatens a catastrophic breach of the hidden community, and Dev must call upon all his power as he races against the clock to save the most important people in his life.

** Contains profanity and adult situations.

The Purest of the Breed (The Community Series #2)My Review
The Purest of the Breed by Tracy Tappan  
My Rating: 5 Stars!

Do you like huge, hot and powerful males who commit to only one woman? Love to see a warrior brought to his knees, heart in hand? Get ready for Book Two of The Community Series, where the intrigue, humor and romance continue. The Purest of the Breed by Tracy Tappan not only does justice to book one, Bloodline War, but it may surpass it for “glued to each page, because I can’t believe this is happening,” reading!

Marissa is attacked by a vicious gang, was it random or is there something more going on? Enter her savior, a huge and powerful man that raises her heart rate with just a touch and changes her world forever. Dev is a powerful warrior for the Varcolac, a supernatural race who lives deep beneath the surface in secrecy. His mission is to fight the evil that threatens both his world and that of the human race, but when he comes in contact with Marissa, he knows they are destined mates. The problem, you ask? How does he tell her what he is, what she is and that he has been saving himself for centuries, just for her without scaring her away?

As for Marissa, her life has always been in turmoil, only recently has she been able to step out of her emotional torture chamber and go for what she wants. That didn’t include an underground dweller who drinks blood, has his own demons from his past and refuses to have sex with her until they are bonded. Seriously? A virgin male? How hot is that? When the danger increases and both Dev and Marissa’s pasts give them a good smack-down, only one will learn to accept the hidden truths with grace. Will Marissa decide to move forward with her life and leave Dev behind? Will Dev's ego destroy any hope for love?

All I can say is Tracy Tappan’s crisp writing and sense of humor, snark and romance lands her another hit! Ms Tappan colors outside the lines and creates an amazing tale of love, loss, betrayals and personal growth all in a fantasy world of her own creation. Love the dialogue, the camaraderie, the banter and the male angst. She writes with heart, bold strokes and gives life to the impossible, all at a fast pace that will kept me on the edge of my seat! So how long do I wait for book three??

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