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Better Than Okay by Jacinta Howard

Better Than Okay 
by Jacinta Howard


Sometimes it’s not whether or not you survive, but HOW you survive. I guess that might be the thing that makes you the person you are... How you survive.

When Miami music writer Destiny Michaels learned her childhood friend, the always cool and collected Brian Jace, was moving from their hometown of Phoenix to Miami, she wanted to do cartwheels across Ocean Drive.

Brian has always been able to counter Destiny’s annoying tendency to overthink things, and he’s the only person she knows with a love for music that’s as intense as hers. However, when he arrives, she quickly realizes there’s been a major shift in their formally platonic relationship. And no matter how scared she is about taking things to the next level, their feelings only intensify.

But just as she begins to believe that real love can exist outside of sappy romantic comedies, Destiny is forced to question everything she thinks she knows about life, including her new feelings for Brian.

She soon discovers that while we can’t control some things that happen to us, the power of unconditional love, once accepted, can make life better than okay

Better Than OkayCarol's Review
Better Than Okay by Jacinta Howard
Rating: 4.5 Stars

Better Than Okay is Jacinta Howard’s debut novel, and what an entry she has made. Don’t you love it when you start a book thinking it’s going to be about one thing and then it completely surprises you and turns out to be completely different? That is exactly what happened for me with this book.

Destiny Michaels is 23 years old and is a music reviewer for UMusic Magazine. After college, she is trying to make it in a very unstable field in Miami Beach, Florida. She lives near her cousin, Dorian. Destiny, Dorian and Brian grew up together, all best friends. Dorian and Brian know Destiny better than anyone else. Brian’s family was very unstable so he lived at Destiny’s house as much as his own growing up. But, they were just best friends. They never crossed “that” line. When Brian announced that he got a new job in Miami and is moving there, she is thrilled. But when he arrives, their friendship has changed. There is something different in his eyes. She felt different too. Her stomach would feel strange and her heart would beat just a little bit faster when he was around.

“He was the best part of her day. That with his crooked grin and thoughtful eyes he’d morphed into the personification of comfort for her. He felt like home.”

Just when Destiny is starting to believe that she might just get her very own fairy tale, her life takes an unthinkable turn. And just like that, everything changes.

“We’re gonna be okay, love.” He murmured. “You just need to trust me.”

Destiny no longer feels like she has anything to give, that she is no longer whole. Will she ever be able to give to Brian what he deserves? For me this book is about the healing strength of love. I fell in love with Destiny right from the start. She is strong and determined and silly and cute. I loved her and Brian together. And after what happened, she did everything right and refused to let it ruin her. But even with the love and support of her friends and family, it is a slow process. And she is forced to question everything. This book is a highlight lover’s dream. I have so many beautiful quotes highlighted and wish I could include them all. I am so thankful to Jacinta Howard for providing me with a copy of her book for an honest review. I loved every page and most definitely look forward to her next book.

“I am, you know…yours,” she breathed softly.”

“Love stays. Love endures. Love covers. Love chooses. Love isn’t weak at all. Love is strength.”

Reviewed by Guest Reviewer,  Carol Hanlon

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