Friday, July 25, 2014

Contract Pending by Al Marsiglia

Contract Pending
A Crime Thriller
by Al Marsiglia

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: January 13, 2014
Publisher: Al Marsiglia
ISBN-13: 9781494926694
Genre: Adult Drama/Fiction
Print Length: 144 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


 If you liked The Sopranos and Goodfellas, you'll love Contract Pending The Story Grabs You By the throat and doesn't let go until the last page.
A young Mafioso finds himself on the run for his life when his partner steals the mob boss' money.
Frankie Fiore, son of a Brooklyn shoemaker is recruited by the local mob boss, Jimmy Provitera, to help henchman Biff Rollo enforce delinquent collections, He is a quick learner and Jimmy is very happy with him. That is, until Frankie becomes involved in the loss of a very large sum of collection money. Jimmy is furious and Frankie takes it on the lam to Dunnville, North Carolina.

Contract Pending: A Crime ThrillerMy Review
Contract Pending by Al Marsiglia
My Rating: 5 Stars 

When is an offer you just can’t refuse absolutely the last thing you should say YES to? Frankie finds out that even his own godfather will turn on him and those he holds dear when he least expects it and sends him into hiding after one life-changing word, YES. Get ready to see the underbelly of life, its villains and its heroes in Al Marsiglia’s Contract Pending.

Frankie missed one easy collection assignment, and his ‘partner’ botched the job beyond belief when greed overcame him. Now Frankie is a marked man and hiding out in a small southern town, his father has been tortured until near death and time is running out to figure a way out of making amends for one simple mistake. When a local waitress and her daughter capture his heart, a vengeful ex rats him out and the mob is hot on his tail. Enter an unlikely ally, and it’s like the cavalry has arrived, but is it enough? Is it in time? Who will get caught in the crossfire?

Walk on the dark of life as Al Marsiglia takes us on a journey that feels real, sounds real, and smells real, hope you like Italian! With crisp strokes, wonderful world building and the ability to create an atmosphere of tension and frenzy, Al Marsiglia does an amazing job of grabbing you by the throat and yanking you in to his tale. With characters that feel real and unlikely heroes that you have to love, Brooklyn accents and all, this is one great read with a great pace and no wasted words!

Al Marsiglia made me an offer I couldn’t refuse and I’m glad I said yes to reading Contract Pending, but MY yes didn’t backfire on me! What can I say, there must be a little 'wiseguy' in all of us.

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