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Fight or Flight by Chele Cooke (Out of Orbit, #2)

Fight or Flight
by Chele Cooke

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: July 31, 2014
Publisher: Chele Cooke
Genre: Adult Dark Fantasy/Intrigue
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


A single secret might change a war, but a lie can destroy those fighting it.

Georgianna Lennox’s biggest fear has become reality: she has been sold as a slave. Caught in the middle of the brewing war between the Adveni oppressors and Belsa rebels, she is recruited to be the rebels’ eyes behind enemy lines.

As the Belsa make bolder attacks against the cruel Adveni, Georgianna finds that the lies she is tasked to tell her owner are nothing compared to the secrets she must keep from her friends – secrets that could change the war in their favour, and lies that might destroy them all.

Fight or Flight (Out of Orbit, #2)My Review
Fight or Flight by Chele Cooke
My Rating: 5 Stars 

You know when you have found a fantastic new author to follow when you can’t wait to get your hands on anything written by said author! Honestly, I was surprised at how quickly I feel into Chele Cooke’s world of the Out of Orbit Series. Fight or Flight, book two adds a new dimension to this series, as the pace ratchets up and stakes get higher. Georgianna is still the main focus, once a medic, now a slave, with the heart of a rebel with a cause, her metamorphosis is painful to watch as fear and insecurity, a lack of confidence in her abilities war with her inner warrior. I actually wanted to tell her it’s okay to be afraid, only a fool wouldn’t be!

Uneasy alliances, lies by word and lies by omission could mean life and death to those who battle for their freedom from cruel domination. Georgianna gets caught in the whirlwind of chaos, and finds that her part in this drama has a greater impact than she realized. Heroes will fall, trusts will be broken and uneasy alliances will be formed. Will it be enough for the Belsa to overthrow the Advendi? Will Georgianna find she is more or less than she realized? Is there more to her new owner than meets the eye? Why is he willing to risk himself to bring a few hours of freedom to Georgianna?

Chele Cooke has a gift with descriptions that will pull you through the veil of her words and into the vortex and the action of each page. She is able to create high tension scenes that feel terrifying, and sometimes futile as good battles the giant Goliath who could crush them with a single blow, following that with a quiet scene with its own sense of awareness and uncertainty. From start to finish, I was back in Georgianna’s world, my nerves taut and frayed at points. If an author can make you lose your grip on reality, even if for only a while, then that author is truly talented, indeed!

I received an ARC edition from Chele Cooke in exchange for my honest review.

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