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Hollow Eyes by J. K. Walker (Salt Lake After Dark, #2)

Hollow Eyes
by J.K. Walker

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Salt Lake After Dark - Book 2
Publication Date: January 21, 2014
Publisher: J. K. Walker
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy
Print Length: 351 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Three months ago, Jasmine learned she’d been born a snow wereleopard. Since then, she’s been hunted by a serial killer, started dating a hot dhampyr—who’s probably far too old for her—and in general had a crash course in living in a paranormal world. Now she works for the local supernatural council solving problems and running errands, in between university classes.

Just as she starts looking forward to winter break with friends and family—not to mention a little alone time with her boyfriend—a cannibal turns the city’s homeless into its all you can eat buffet, and it’s Jazz’s job to stop it. If that wasn’t bad enough, now a berserker is dead set on pounding her into paste. To top it all off, her lover is strangely distant, and she has an itch that seriously needs to be scratched.

Can she determine whose eating people in her city, resolve a conflict that’s almost as old as she is, and figure out what’s happened to her and Logan’s relationship, all before Christmas?

Hollow Eyes (Salt Lake After Dark #2)My Review
Hollow Eyes by J. K. Walker
My Rating: 5 Stars

Quiz time: Say the first thing that comes to mind when I say Salt Lake City, Utah. Anyone answer a huge multi-species gathering place for beings that are only real in dreams, or an under-the-radar world of supernatural beings? Well, guess what, if you did you must be fan of J. K. Walker and his Salt Lake After Dark series. Hollow Eyes is the next in the lineup of this series and after the homerun scored by Glacial Eyes the pressure is on for author J. K. Walker to produce. No problem there as this next installment in the series hold that same J. K. Walker sense of style and timing, which a liberal sprinkling of attitude.

Get ready to see violence, paranormal beings and things that go bump in the night as Jazz, enters a world she never knew existed, becomes a creature she never dreamed possible and embraces her new life as best she can. Out-spoken, with attitude and an extreme sense of duty and loyalty, Jazz has become known as the troubleshooter for the supernatural council, trusted by vampires and weres alike as the go to girl when things get dicey. But is she ready for the threat she now faces?Something or someone is making a buffet out of the homeless and Jazz must reach into Native American Lore to get her answers, as well as find a piece of her past in an unlikely place. It’s up to Jazz to put an end to the madness and mayhem. In the meantime, she must protect those she loves and, oh yeah, keep her world a secret from the normal humans.

J. K. Walker isn’t trying to put out a cookie cutter urban fantasy tale, I mean, seriously, Salt Lake City? The location is a big indicator of the twists and original thoughts running through this talented author’s mind. With fresh characters with bite and personality, witty, shoot from the hip banter and a frenzied and chaotic pace, this is one of the most entertaining series to hit stores.

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