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Light My Fire by Abby Reynolds (Serenade Series, #2)

Light My Fire
by Abby Reynolds

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Serenade Series - Book 2
Publication Date: May 15, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Drama
Print Length: 177 pages
Available from: Amazon


When Cash finally realizes Prudence is the love of his life, he finally decides to tell her how he feels. That he doesn't just want her now or as another arrangement, but for the rest of his life. But when he arrives at the show to open his heart, she's gone.

Now he has to find her...

Cash searches for her restlessly, knowing he has to tell her the truth. If she rejects him, he'll move on and lick his wounds. If she returns his affection, it'll be his greatest dream. But he has to find her first. After turning to Jeremy and spending time with him, he finally comes back to LA because he knows where Prudence is.

But Prudence is having her own adventure. After meeting a record producer at a show, Prudence realizes she'll have the dream she always wanted. Cash doesn't want her anymore, so she focuses on her music to heal that pain. Her producer, Dean, rescues her from the terrifying apartment she lived in, and they soon become closer than expected. After losing his wife, Dean desires the same companionship Prudence does. Together, they become the support they need to each other.


Prudence realizes her visa is expired. It's too late to file all the necessary paperwork. Her only option is to marry an America citizen to keep her residency and convince them her love is genuine.

But who will marry her?

Light My Fire (Serenade Series #2)My Review
Light My Fire by Abby Reynolds
My Rating:  5 Stars

Being afraid to let go of past pain, lies of omission, fear of falling too far, and misunderstandings that weren’t addressed were all part of the reasons Prudence ran out on Cash leaving nothing more than a brief note. Cash realizes what he has lost, but even her brother doesn’t know where she is and he wants her back, forever. Prudence is once again struggling to survive, singing and playing in bars, barely making enough to pay the rent. That all changed when Dean, a record label owner convinces her to take a chance on him as a friend and his record company as her portal to fame and fortune. But always in her heart of hearts Cash looms, his loss still a shattering experience, as she questions why he couldn’t love her as she loved him. When a huge event where Prudence is the entertainment comes a long, Cash is floored that his angel is right in front of him. How does he convince her they belong together when she is obviously with Dean? Did he mean that little to her that she has already moved on? Will fate or the immigration authorities play a role in bringing them back together? When will they tear down the walls that separate them?

Light My Fire by Abby Reynolds made me go from sadly heartbroken for both characters to wanting to set them both down in a room and force them to stay there until they finally tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The addition of Dean into the mix makes for a refreshing twist on that old time favorite, nerve pincher, “The Love Triangle.” Two egos, two lonely and broken hearts, each telling their side of the story with emotion, intensity and true pain, one fabulously talented author putting it all together, creating a wondrous tale of love and where fear of being hurt again and a lack of self-worth hold two hearts hostage in the game of life and risks. I was lost in the pain and hope between Prudence and Cash, especially when Abby Reynolds found it necessary to place even more obstacles and twists in their path!

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