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Sanguine Eyes by J. K. Walker (Salt Lake After Dark #3)

Sanguine Eyes
by J.K. Walker

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Salt Lake After Dark - Book 3
Publication Date: January 1, 2014
Publisher: J. K. Walker
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Print Length: 308 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


The streets of Salt Lake City have been flooded with a mystical drug called Sanguine. Terribly addictive, it grants the user nearly unstoppable strength and speed, but as bad as it is, the real threat is the gang that’s pushing it. A pack of werewolves has invaded Jazz’s territory and started killing off the competition. Could they be responsible for all the missing vampires?
As the resident supernatural trouble shooter, Jasmine has built quite an impressive résumé. She’s faced serial killers, berserkers, wendigo, and even zombies, but has any of that prepared her for the monster that currently threatens her city? Even with the help of her friends and a mysterious new ally, will Jazz have the strength to stop the Loup Garou and find out what’s happened to the local undead?

Sanguine Eyes (Salt Lake After Dark, #3)My Review
Sanguine Eyes by J. K. Walker
My Rating: 5 Stars 

Like a good supernatural fight scene? Like when all the supernaturals play nice, band together, even if for only a little while? Hopefully you won’t have a problem laughing in the midst of disaster, because once again, J. K. Walker takes us into the mind and heart of Jazz, the snow leopard shifter with some priceless inner and verbal dialogue going on throughout. Sanguine Eyes has it all, supernaturals in a tizzy, a very dangerous designer drug on the streets of Salt Lake and Jazz to come to the rescue, once again, but not until she is accidentally drawn into a life and death game that began with a police shootout she gets caught up in.

A powerful drug called Sanguine has hit the streets with unnerving consequences. Supernaturals are going missing and dying, and someone is behind this, and once again, it falls on Jazz to put an end to the madness and mayhem with the help of an ally that seems as mysterious as they seem unlikely. In the meantime, she must protect those she loves and, oh yeah, keep her world a secret from the normal humans, yet again. Will she lose friends to the madness? Will she have to reveal herself to humans? Who knew Salt Lake City had such a dark side?

Where does J. K. Walker get these fabulously brilliant plots from? How has he managed to keep things fresh, fast and furious while allowing each character to grow and develop? If you like your heroines with snark, attitude and brains, as well as the guts and determination to back it all up, you are going to love the journey Jazz will take you on as you ride shotgun inside her head, seeing the world through her eyes and feeling each and every moment. J. K. Walker has truly set the bar even higher with this addition to the Salt Lake After Dark Series.

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