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Sex and Crime: Oliver's Strange Journey by Oliver Markus

Sex and Crime
Oliver's Strange Journey
by Oliver Markus

My rating: 3 stars

Publication Date: February 19, 2014
Publisher: Westhoff Publishing
ISBN: 061597550X
Genre: Autobiography, Non-Fiction
Print Length: 484 pages
Available from: Amazon


Oliver's strange journey spans 30 years and takes him from teenage hacker in Aachen, Germany to Internet millionaire in Fort Myers, Florida. Along the way, he meets escaped mental patients, gold diggers, stalkers, sex addicts, mobsters, porn stars and heroin addicted prostitutes. On his search for true love in all the wrong places, he marries an agoraphobic benzo addict, and after his divorce, he falls in love with not just one but several crackwhores in jail.

Sex and Crime: Oliver's Strange JourneyMy Review
Sex and Crime: Oliver's Strange Journey by Oliver Markus
My Rating: 3 Stars

Sex and Crime by Oliver Markus is a gritty look at the author’s life, a man who has difficulty grounding himself in the moment and continues to repeat relationship mistakes over and over. Is this his way of cleansing himself while allowing others to know they are not alone in the chaos that is their life? Often this feels like a direct conversation with me, not words on a page designed to reach millions.
Autobiographies can be difficult to read, we, as the audience to a life playing out before us can easily ask why certain things happen, why would the narrator do that, why didn’t the narrator learn from the experiences instead of repeating them in one way or another?

Did I enjoy this read? I can’t say I enjoyed it, it was too painful in some parts, too dragged out in others and too brittle in still more. What I did appreciate is that author Oliver Markus didn’t candy-coat his life, although there were times I felt he saw himself as a damaged savior, as free to do as he wished without expecting consequences. But isn’t an autobiography the author’s point of view? Agree with him or not, a peek into the life of someone who has experienced what this man has can be eye-opening.

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