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The Stone Protector by Melissa F. Hart

The Stone Protector
by Melissa F. Hart

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Keepers of the Flame - Book 1
Publication Date: February 23, 2013
Genre: YA Paranormal Fantasy
Print Length: 59 pages
Available from: Amazon


A few months to her 17th birthday, Luanne Kylor begins to experience weird attacks. When she’s almost killed at a shopping mall, her grandmother decides that enough is enough and hires a bodyguard. Even though she’s immediately attracted to Dylan, a bodyguard is the last thing she needs as she’s trying desperately to blend in.

What most people don’t know is that Luanne belongs to a family of vampires. But not just any vampires; they are known as the BORN breed because they were born into their heritage. They are a sort of vampire evolution and Dylan is a member of the Protector Order of the BORN breed.

Forging a tentative bond, Luanne and Dylan come together and both face those that have been haunting Luanne for over four years. They had murdered her entire family and now they’re after her. Survival has suddenly turned into a very dangerous game. Will Dylan succeed in saving her or will she have to look inward and find the strength to save herself? What is her connection to the stone in the pendant around her neck?

The Stone Protector (Keepers of the Flame, #1)My Review
The Stone Protector by Melissa F. Hart
My Rating: 4 Stars

Luanne is special, so special that her life is in danger, but all she wants is to blend in, to be like everyone else. She is a vampire, but unlike other vampires, she is part of a family who were born vampires, not made and someone wants to uproot her family tree. Enter Dylan, a bodyguard who has been hired to keep her safe. It doesn’t help that she is attracted to this young man. Dylan must maintain a cool distance as part of an elite order trained to protect born vampires. Will he be able to keep her safe or will Luanne have to learn to take care of herself?

The Stone Protector by Melissa F. Hart is a great brief introduction to what looks to be a fascinating new series. Ms. Hart has given Luanne attitude, sometimes a LOT of attitude, but she is a teen trying to fit in, with all of the insecurities of a teen, so it fits, especially considering the dual life she leads. Even Dylan has a very strong personality, as different as night and day to Luanne.

This is a quick read with a bit of a twist to the vampire genre. Good vs evil, a life in jeopardy and a young woman who learns to stand up when she needs it most. A good hook to reel us in for this series!

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