Thursday, July 17, 2014

Waltz of a Dying Candle by Tiana Dalichov

Waltz of a Dying Candle
by Tiana Dalichov

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: June 25, 2014
Print Length 18 pages
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The mind is a curious thing. Even when it realizes you're doomed, it still does not give up.

It's been four years since Logan Reed was introduced to his new owner Mistress Quinn, a prurient woman with an insatiable appetite for submissive young men.

Within the walls of his lavish prison, Logan, along with his new friend and fellow slave, Rebekah Coyle, plans to escape the clutches of his sadistic mistress.

But when Logan is caught sneaking back from Rebekah's cell one evening, Mistress Quinn makes it clear that she is the one in control, with Logan sitting obediently in the palm of her hand.

Waltz of a Dying CandleMy Review
Waltz of a Dying Candle by Tiana Dalichov
My Rating: 4 Stars for Potential
Two teens trapped in a hellish prison, the tortured puppets of a twisted and sadistic woman. They cherish a few dangerous moments they share, but there is a price to pay. Her favorite, Logan, is the object of both her desire and her greatest punishment. Will Logan find a way to gain his freedom? Is Rebekkah still alive to take with him?
Waltz of a Dying Candle by Tiana Dalichov has the promise of a fascinating and very dark and tumultuous read, if her ability to make one’s skin crawl in just a few short pages is any indication. Was there enough story to satisfy me? No, but it feels like a promise of more, so I can only hope!

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