Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sunblind by Michael McBride

by Michael McBride

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: September 2, 2014
Publisher: DarkFuse
ISBN: 9781940544335
Genre: Adult Dark Mystery/Thriller
Print Length: 384 pages
Available from: Amazon


When U.S. Border Patrol Agent Christian Rivera discovers the body of an undocumented alien in the middle of the vast Sonoran Desert with three enigmatic words carved into her flesh, presumably by her own hand, it triggers a frantic search for the remainder of her party, a group of twenty-five men and women who have inexplicably vanished into the desert.
Aided by two of the agency's best trackers, Rivera follows the woman's trail into the brutal heart of one of the hottest and most unforgiving landscapes on the planet, where nothing can survive for long. As more bodies turn up, Rivera and the others begin to realize they may be up against an enemy far deadlier than the desert, an unseen adversary that will stop at nothing to take from them what it needs to survive. A mythical evil that may not be myth at all, but horrifically real, could very well be stalking them, and their only hope of surviving the same fate that befell the missing party lies in deciphering the clues to their disappearance before it's too late. If it isn't already…

SunblindMy Review
Sunblind by Michael McBride 

Looking for a dark and gritty tale that touches on contemporary issues while still being able to send shivers up your spine? Like a good mystery that feels like a bad dream come alive, because each page sucks you further in? Sunblind by a master of darkness, Michael McBride is going to take you across borders, through the blistering heat of a seemingly endless desert, in search of a promised land and freedom that few may live to find. When the brutality of men isn’t enough to twist your guts, Mr. McBride adds a deadly, mystical element that will stick with you long after, wondering what if?

Desperate for freedom, turning their backs on Mexico, illegal immigrants are putting their lives and their money in the hands of mercenaries. Mayra has seen the worst in her fellow humans as she runs for freedom across the border into the United States. Told through her voice are the horrors her group endures, the lies they are told and the dangers they encounter, far surpassing what the desert has thrown at them as they beginning dying, one after another. What started as a journey to a new fresh life becomes a trial that brings out both the best and the worst in humanity as every step becomes more dangerous than the last. Mayra is determined to leave a message to anyone who finds her, should she not make it, she is on a mission to expose the truth of those who died on this trek.

Border Patrol Officer, Chris Rivera discovers her message and begins his own quest to find out what Mayra is trying to say. His interspersed narration blends well as a counterpoint to Mayra and does well to ratchet up the tension even higher as he searches for answers he may never find from a completely different perspective.

Michael McBride pulls no punches in this dark tale of the fight for survival. His words are powerful tools to set the mood, create each scene and give a feeling of desperation to his characters. Graphically told, Sunblind fuels that inner movie screen with gruesome scenes, that are not for the faint of heart, but still captivate the mind and heart completely. If you are a fan of dark fiction that lacks that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but lets you safely walk on the wild side,this one’s for you!

I received an ARC edition from Darkfuse in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Great review! I'm definitely adding this one to my reading list.

    1. Thank you, Barbara Ann! Let me know what you think about it! :)