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The Druid Series 9: Baird by Marata Eros

The Druid Series 9: Baird 

Written by: Marata Eros
Series: The Druid Series
Sequence in Series: 9
Paperback: 288 pages
Publication Date: August 22, 2014
Rating: 5 Stars
ISBN-10: 1495978478
ISBN-13: 978-1495978470
Genre: Erotic Horror
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BAIRD is the sequel to THE DRUID BREEDERS.

Siana has disappeared. As an Exotic and Druid warrior queen, she is not beholden to the magick call of sex slavery as the Druid witches of her upbringing. She does not realize as she runs, Baird and Kael follow with opposing agendas.

Now that Jessamine is within the subjugation of the undead, the Druid females will be ruled by the fair hand of Imogen and her Reaper Kings, Carrig and Quinn. When a gathering of remaining Druid priests come against the new kingdom, the Reapers find their numbers too few to protect the stronghold.

Altho and the gifted Druid female Seraphina cannot reconcile the inception of their relationship, and her promise to be his. Altho seeks guidance from the Reaper leader, Maghnus... only to discover they vie for more than power alone.

Can Siana obtain the freedom she wishes and the love she denies? Will the new kingdom of Reapers succeed in the protection of their Druid females? Do Altho and Maghnus hold the key to revolutionizing the power structure of both Druid and Reaper?

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The Druid Series 9: BairdMy Review:
The Druid Series 9: Baird 
by Marata Eros

Every time I read Marata Eros work her imagination blows me away.  She does scare me a little with where she comes up with all these characters, plots and ideas.  I am even more impressed with how she combines paranormal creatures and adds her own personal twist/take on vampires, druids, etc.

I don't know if you know this but I have zombie issues. I do read a few Zombie books and found some really outstanding reads. But even reading about them makes me want to use hand sanitizer. See, I really do mean zombie Issues with a capital I. Let just say I felt the need to used an entire bottle of antibacterial wash after Siana's horrifying encounter.

I loved how Baird handles Siana rejection even after her decontamination, you could feel his pain for trying to do the right thing but still empathize with her anger.

The Druid Series 9: Baird is a hard core, dark, horror erotica. This story pushed me WAY past my comfort zone but Eros creativity, originality and storytelling is worth 5 stars and sure to be the perfect fit for Horror Erotic Fans.

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