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The Vault of Dreamers by Caragh M. O'Brien

The Vault of Dreamers
by Caragh M. O'Brien

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: September 16, 2014
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press
ISBN: 9781596439382
Genre: YA Fantasy
Print Length: 433 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


From the author of the Birthmarked trilogy comes a fast-paced, psychologically thrilling novel about what happens when your dreams are not your own. The Forge School is the most prestigious arts school in the country. The secret to its success: every moment of the students' lives is televised as part of the insanely popular Forge Show, and the students' schedule includes twelve hours of induced sleep meant to enhance creativity. But when first year student Rosie Sinclair skips her sleeping pill, she discovers there is something off about Forge. In fact, she suspects that there are sinister things going on deep below the reaches of the cameras in the school. What's worse is, she starts to notice that the ridges of her consciousness do not feel quite right. And soon, she unearths the ghastly secret that the Forge School is hiding—and what it truly means to dream there.

The Vault of DreamersMy Review
The Vault of Dreamers by Caragh M. O'Brien

In a dystopian world, there are those doomed to poverty. Rosie sees a chance to dig her way out of that lifestyle by being accepted to the prestigious Forge School of the Arts, but first she must survive under the glare of cameras broadcast to the public on the Forbes Show, Reality TV at its worst, 12 hours on camera, 12 hours in a drug induced sleep. . Rosie is determined to find out why sleeping pills are issued each night, by feigning taking hers, she has set herself on a dark path filled with danger and deceit as she seeks answers that seem as impossible as they are heinous . There is more to Forge than meets the eye and its sinister plot is a money maker for those using these children as pawns for the wealthy. Can Rosie expose this school for what it really is? Who can she trust to help her? Will her skills in film making be the ticket to freedom or saving her life? When evil has all of the power, who will listen to a poor teen struggling to survive?

The Vault of Dreamers by Caragh M. O’Brien is a YA science fiction with a dark twist and a sinister feel. The pace is swift when needed, slows down for a breather and gives the reader a chance to “look” around in the world Ms. O’Brien has built without being overwhelmed with too much descriptive prose. As Rosie narrates her tale, we see the problem from her point of view, a young girl who is intelligent, but out of her league in this new environment.

The supporting characters were interesting, but I wanted just a tad more information or personality as they took to the stage that was set for them. A touch of romantic interest is dabbled with, but does not overpower the suspense of this read. As a base for future books, the stage has been set, so I hope to connect more firmly with these characters as they are fleshed out a bit more.

I received an ARC edition from Roaring Brook Press in exchange for my honest review.

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