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Demon Stones by Michael Drakich

Demon Stones
by Michael Drakich

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: July 20, 2014
Publisher: Traanu Enterprises
ISBN-13: 9780987770646
Genre: Fantasy Saga
Pages: 586
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It’s been almost a hundred years since warlock meddling freed the demons from their underground domain. Their eventual capture has encased them in large stones across all the lands. They became known as the demon stones.
Over time, the truth of their imprisonment devolved into legend and tales to frighten children.
Now, the seven kingdoms are in upheaval. The demon stones are being opened and the vile creatures once more roam the land. War has broken open between realms as the fingers of accusation are pointed.
Caught in the middle is Gar Murdach, a farm boy who recently passed the age of ascension of sixteen marking him as a man, and his younger sister, Darlee, as they both struggle in their separate ways to escape the horrors wrought by the demons and the war that swarms round them.

Demon StonesMy Review
Demon Stones by Michael Drakich 

Sometimes the most insignificant of us can start an avalanche of turmoil with one little stone. That’s exactly what happened when a young boy tires of being abused by his father, poor and bullied by the wealthy children. Demon Stones by Michael Drakich is the tale of young Gar who just wanted to be somebody, to be approved of, respected and just maybe catch the eye of the girl he adored. What happened that day in the field, while sitting by what looked to be an ordinary rock, would forever change not only Gar’s life, but would bring war to the lands around him. It would appear the legends are true, demons were entrapped by warlocks long ago in stone prisons and Gar has just set one free.

Thus begins Gar’s lonely journey, from young enlisted soldier to the master of several demons, none of with he actually has total control over. Wars break out and it becomes known the demons have been freed. Even when they demonstrate good deeds, the fact remains that they were imprisoned for a reason, they are feared and now Gar has become public enemy number one by those who have figured out what has happened. Who can Gar trust? Will his immaturity get him further entangled in his own desires? Will he find a solution that will allow him to live?

Suspend all sense of the real world and be immersed in a tale of complete fantasy as Michael Drakich sends his readers on a journey of discovery, treachery and demonic peril as Gar learns that there is more to life than material things, that it is the measure of a man that counts and he wants to stand tall and do the right thing for unselfish reasons.

Don’t expect a rapid fire pace, in what feels more character driven action that can be pondered and enjoyed page by page as each scene unfolds and the cast expands. Sometimes a trip into a fantasy world, filled with the magic of the mind is a good place to go, add the intense story line, the detailed world and a young hero who clearly started out WAY out of his league and it becomes clear that sometimes fantasy characters mirror reality.

I received a copy from Michael Drakich in exchange for my honest review.

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