Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Escape by T. R. Ragan

by T. R. Ragan

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: September 2, 2014
Publisher: T. R. Ragan
ISBN: 9781111111127
Genre: Dystopian
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In a futuristic, dystopian world, people are assigned families and live with little to no memory of their true pasts, from almost 2000 years before. Products of science, these people live in the town of Wayward Pines without consequence, until the day “they” came.

Ashley was once an FBI agent, working undercover in 2013 to discover what happened to several FBI agents who have disappeared. Kidnapped, held in cryogenic stasis for 1800 years, she is the only one who knows what evil lurks behind this idyllic town. Determined to leave, to survive, when the “abbys” are released, chaos ensues and a small group, including Ashley and her “family” are among those who escape. Will they be safe in the wilderness? Where did these “abbys” come from? What are they? Were they created by the same madman who rules this unnatural world?

Escape by T. R. Ragan is a brief novella designed to whet one’s appetite for more! Heroes rise, relationships are finally examined and realizations hit home. Intense, well-written and full of detail, there is room for more to come! Will it happen?

I received this edition from T. R. Ragan in exchange for my honest review.

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