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Follow Me Follow You by Laura E. James

Follow Me Follow You
by Laura E. James

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: August 7, 2014
Publisher: Choc Lit
ISBN-13: 9781781891872
Genre: Adult Romance/Intrigue
Print Length: 267 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Victoria Noble has pulled the plug on romance. As director of the number one social networking site, EweSpeak, and single mother to four-year-old Seth, she wrestles with the work-life balance.

Enter Chris Frampton, Hollywood action hero and Victoria's first love. His return from LA has sparked a powder keg of media attention, and with secrets threatening to fuel the fire, he's desperate to escape. But finding a way forward is never simple. Although his connection with Victoria has lasted the test of time, has he been adrift too long to know how to move on? With the risk of them breaking, will either #follow their heart?

Follow Me Follow You
You save me and I'll save you.

Follow Me Follow YouMy Review
Follow Me Follow You by Laura E. James 

Crushing grief, dysfunctional families, guilt, treachery and the hope for a second chance at love, quite a feat for author Laura E. James to pull of all in one novel, but she does it with an elegance and delicate hand in Follow Me Follow You. Two young lovers, separated by deceit and lies, as well as thousands of miles reconnect after almost seventeen years and tons of emotional baggage, life-altering events and a volcano of inner issues threatening to erupt at any moment. Victoria is no longer the sweet ten who gave herself to her one true love, only to have him abandon her, forever locking her heart away, crippling her emotionally. She has failed to bond with her four-year-old son and they both suffer for it. Leaving her high profile, successful business behind, Victoria is determined to start fresh and discover the key to Seth’s young heart.

Chris Frampton has returned home after seventeen years in the States as a famous stunt man, returning to help open a door of communication with his teenaged son, after the violent death of his wife and other son. Will the years and shared pain help these two to form a strong bond, once again, or will ghosts and events from the past sit between them like a ticking time bomb? Will deceit and uncertainty once again rear its ugly head? Two damaged adults, two damaged children, will they make it through the darkness whole and ready to tackle the future?

Prepare to be struck through the heart as Laura E. James unfolds her tale and uncovers every dark corner, pain and memory, while allowing her characters to wage the battle over their demons for the best reason ever, love. Not only has Ms. James put the raw romance front and center, but she has tackled extreme issues that could happen in any family, which is why it is so easy to connect and feel for her characters. Before she has finished with her tale, her characters will learn to love life, themselves and those around them for who and what they are, no matter if the main characters find their own HEA. Ms. James has touched every nerve and emotion in my body, mind and heart with her words and her world.

I received this copy as part of the FOLLOW ME FOLLOW YOU TOUR stopping at Tome Tender, September 17, 2014.


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