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Kevin Boy to Man by E. Finklemeyer

Kevin boy to man
by E. Finklemeyer

My rating: 4.5 stars

Publication Date: April 26, 2014
Publisher: M.Withers
Genre: Adult Fiction
Print Length: 303 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


A tale of a young man who lives a solitary life and is in desperate need of female contact, other than from his mother and Aunt. Follow Kevin through his metamorphosis from boy to man, enjoy the characters he meets along the way. Accompany him through his journey, experience the sad, the happy, the hilarious and the serious. A story so full of emotions, a story which unfurls from something simple into something so wonderful.
Something of a modern Tom Sharpe book, very witty and deliciously rude.
Think Sue Townsend's brilliantly funny Adrian Mole series but rewritten for adults.

Recommended for adults only, due to strong language and sexual content.

Kevin boy to manMy Review
Kevin Boy to Man by E. Finklemeyer

Have you ever started a book, gotten that strange feeling that maybe this wasn’t what you thought it would be only to be happily surprised that is it MORE than you could have hoped for? Kevin Boy to Man by E. Finklemeyer is a true chameleon! What starts out as a young man struggling with his sexual desires and lack of outlet in the form of a girlfriend. Kevin is a twenty-year-old trapped under his mother’s emotional control, wanting to break free and, frankly, to have wild monkey sex, starring Kevin as the hot stud. Instead, he seems to fall into a rather creepy pattern of ogling the female form, internet chatrooms, etc. His forays into actually doing “the deed” are constantly foiled. When events in his life leave him as the sole occupant of the family home, Kevin begins taking in strays, not dogs, but people who are down on their luck, or just need a friend, or to be one. As each page is turned, Kevin’s transformation is revealed as he becomes a man who cares about others and values true friendships. This ragtag and quirky group is a delight to meet. The transformation of Kevin is nothing short of miraculous!

E. Finklemeyer, you have a quirky, funny, sad, and sometimes gross and just plain creepy tale that won me over completely! Kevin’s transformation was brilliantly done and the supporting characters were as equally unusual as he was, but they all had heart, a sense of loyalty love for one another that will leave the reader smiling!

I’m going to admit it, those first few pages had me wanting to scrub my eyes and disinfect my brain, but without those priceless pages, the rest of the story would have lost a little something. Get ready to laugh, because the humor is sprinkled liberally over this read.

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