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Kiera's Quest: Perceptions by Kristy Brown (Kiera's Quest, #3)

Kiera's Quest: Perceptions
by Kristy Brown

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Kiera's Quest - Book 3
Publication Date: May 22, 2013
Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing
Genre: Tween/YA Fantasy
Print Length: 153 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


The Witch Queen has reached a new level of evil.
Kiera is helplessly stuck in Zakk’s realm. With the vortex destroyed, she is desperate to find a way home. Her Uncle Tom, her friends and now the boy she loves, are in danger. Will Kiera find the strength and the self-belief she needs to save them?

On her lonely journey she meets new allies from peculiar races. The Prophecy is all falling into place. Will Kiera be able to forgive the people she trusted? Will she be able to save the world from her twisted nemesis, the Witch Queen? Will she finally believe that she is indeed the ‘chosen one’?

Kiera's Quest: Perceptions  (Kiera's Quest, #3)My Review
Kiera's Quest: Perceptions by Kristy Brown

Does liking the evil and villainous Witch Queen’s snark and attitude make me crazy? This creature is the foulest of foul, the most devious of the devious and yet, I liked her! Maybe because she truly has a strong will, forceful personality and felt like she jumped off the pages, or maybe because Kristy Brown did such a wonderful job as an author! Kiera’s Quest: Perception is filled with non-stop drama, action and brings fantasy to life for more than just younger readers.

Kiera has stayed in the other realm, trying to figure out what the Witch Queen is up to. She is learning more and more about her family, and the history of her new world. Is it possible the Witch Queen was once a nice Witch? Hard to believe, but life is full of surprises, including the fact that said Queen is nowhere to be found. Has Kiera truly accepted her part in the prophecy? Is she the one to unite the races and bring peace? Not if the queen of mean has anything to say about it, as she raises havoc and chaos on earth. Is a showdown coming? Will it be in the other realm or will it take place on earth? What does Leap Year have to do with it? Magic, mystery, action and a coming of age and grace are all part of this amazing and refreshing “tweenage” read, appropriate for all ages!

Kristy Brown’s gift for storytelling is at its best in Kiera’s Quest: Perception as she fills in more rich detail, adds more magical creatures and “convinces” Kiera to accept the responsibility that has been foretold. There isn’t a character, old or new that doesn’t make their presence a necessary part of this series. From their appearances to their personalities, they feel real, believable and unique. Ms. Brown has cast her own spell on this series, making it mesmerizing, intense and memorable. Feed your imagination and that of a child, share the gift of great reading and a wonderful author who knows how blend fantasy and youth into a perfect example of coming of age and believing in yourself.

I received this copy from Kristy Brown in exchange for my honest review!

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