Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Kissed By A Demon Spy by Sharon Kay (A Solsti Prophecy Novella)

Kissed By A Demon Spy
by Sharon Kay

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: October 7, 2014
Publisher: Sharon Kay
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
Print Length: 146 pages
Available from: Amazon


Kidnapped as a teen and forced into a life of sexual slavery, Garnet vowed long ago to do whatever she could to spare others her fate. When karma comes full circle with an offer of freedom for her and her young son, she jumps at the chance.

Masquerading as a village innkeeper, Aden keeps his espionage work secret from the gentle pixies he lives among. Using his skills to prevent a group of vicious demons from attacking the innocent, his world is draped in mist, shadow, and danger.

Steeped in shame, Garnet is loath to share her past with Aden. But Aden senses a sweet, loyal strength in her that no amount of horror can erase. His dangerous work is the opposite of the stability Garnet craves. Yet Aden’s patience and strength make him the hero she never had. When the enemy targets them, Garnet and Aden realize that honesty is the truest form of courage.

Kissed By A Demon Spy: A NovellaMy Review
Kissed By A Demon Spy by Sharon Kay 

Not sure about anyone else, but when I find a series I love, I send out mental commands to the author to write quickly. Apparently, Sharon Kay was listening, because she sent her readers Kissed By a Demon, a Solsti Prophecy novella that can stand on its own as a quick, fast-paced, heart-pumping romantic read. Garnet gets her well-deserved story and freedom from being a slave in the Stroehm compound. Returning to the home she hasn’t seen in close to two hundred years, Garnet and her young son Dash are welcomed with open arms as they tentatively rejoin the world of the free.

There are definitely changes in the peaceful village of Ivydale, the biggest being the new inn owned by Aden, a deserati demon on a secret mission as a spy. The inn is a great cover, but an accomplished cook is desperately needed and Garnet and Dash need somewhere to stay until they get on their feet. As the embers of love and attraction heat up between these two, they carefully dance around the secrets they keep, each fearing the other will back away. Will chemistry trump all? Will these two, along with Dash find a joy denied them?

Sharon Kay proves once again why she is an award winning author. Her world, her characters and her plot are like walking into the middle of another world where horns and tails are normal, fae magic is part of life and thank goodness there is even a candy shop in this tiny fae town! I mean, really, is that a touch of realism or what!?! Low on angst, high on strong characters and romantic heat, this is a fabulous novella to curl up with!

I received this ARC edition from Sharon Kay in exchange for my honest review.

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