Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Lover Claimed by A. M. Griffin (Dark Wolf Enterprises, #2)

Lover Claimed
by A.M. Griffin

My rating: 4 stars

Dark Wolf Enterprises - Book 2
Publication Date: September 8, 2014
Publisher: Three Twenty-One, LLC
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
Print Length: 151 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble 


Lover Claimed, the follow-up to the best selling Dark Wolf Enterprises...

When Meisha comes home and finds a strange man in her kitchen, she does what any sensible person would do. She beats the crap out of him first, then asks questions after. When he explains her best friend is in mortal danger, Meisha knows the whole mess—including a recent murder and the threats on her friend’s life—may be her fault, and she’s determined to get to the bottom of it. And no sexy stranger is going to stop her.

Lajos Farkas isn’t expecting to meet a spitfire, martial artist when he’s on a mission to figure out who’s stealing from Dark Wolf Enterprises, and he certainly doesn’t expect her to insist on butting in on his investigation. But getting rid of Meisha is seemingly impossible, and when his wolf decides she’s his life-mate, suddenly he realizes he’ll do anything to keep her close and grow old with her.
If they can just stay alive long enough to make that possible.

Lover Claimed (Dark Wolf Enterprises, #2)My review
Lover Claimed by A. M. Griffin

Looking for a tender and sweet love story between a powerful, alpha shifter and a sweet, unassuming human or would you rather have a little tension and attitude in your characters? Hang on to your scorecard as Meisha and Lajos go toe to toe against some nasty shifters on the prowl, only to end up going toe to toe with each other like a volatile dynamic duo. Can you say explosively humorous dialogue and actions? Lover Claimed by A. M. Griffin is another great addition to her writing repertoire. Lajos is investigating the embezzlement of Dark Wolf Enterprises funds and people close to him are being threatened. Meisha feels the danger she has been in most of her life is spilling over on to her friend and is determined to do whatever it takes to end the threats. Of course, their missions clash and overlap and, let’s just say, let the fireworks begin! Enter Lajos’ inner wolf who has found his lifemate in the human, Meisha and he becomes torn between wanting to throttle her and wanting to…well, you get the idea!

Another fun, feisty and entertaining read by the talented A. M. Griffin as she manages to bring intrigue, a little humor and a few sizzling sparks to another great shifter read. This woman can write without all of the overdone darkness and gore, using her words to paint each scene and create the mood for every event!

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