Monday, September 29, 2014

Overwhelmed by Brian Clopper (Turncoats, #2)

by Brian Clopper

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Turncoats - Books 2
Publication Date: September 4, 2014
Publisher: Behemoth Books
Genre: YA Fantasy | Horror
Print Length: 215 pages
Available from: Amazon


Nathan and Trina, a soon-to-be-dead boy and an already-dead girl, are running from the Darkness and its zombie army. They must make it to the mountains of North Carolina, for that is where the entity of Light claims humanity's salvation lies. Their bond grows deeper as they face hordes of the undead, trigger-happy survivors, and a fractured US military.

Things grow deadlier when the Dark Being creates huge organic domes over key cities and herds its zombies toward the structures. Both teens are lured from their mission by inhuman treachery and drawn to the domed city of Asheville. What they find there will lead to a transformation that will make the Darkness's army even deadlier and threatens to rob Trina of the last traces of her fragile humanity.

What new hideous creatures will emerge from the domes to ravage the survivors? Overwhelmed, Book Two of the Turncoats saga, brings you zombie mayhem like you've never seen before.

Overwhelmed (Turncoats #2)My Review
Overwhelmed by Brian Clopper
Another Young Adult Zombie Series? You betcha! Author Brian Clopper takes his talent into the YA arena and proves he can do zombie adventures and horror with the best of them. His latest addition to the Turncoats Saga is Overwhelmed the tale of two unlikely, young heroes who come together in the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse. Unlikely, you ask? Nathan is alive, totally and completely, but by all rights, Trina should be resting in her grave, yes, she is a zombie, but she thinks, she talks and displays more humanity and human emotion than most. The Dark Being is after them and The Light Entity is there to help them, but only Trina has been receiving messages as the zombie death march continues. The few remaining humans become an all-you-can-eat buffet for these once human, mindless abominations. The government is torn apart and those still alive are crazed with fear, having a shoot first, ask questions later mentality. Trusting only in each other, they make their way to a hub of zombie activity, where these monsters are amassing for some evil purpose, as yet, unknown. One of them may be the key to unleashing more dark terror than imaginable, are Nathan and Trina heading toward their destruction or for a chance to fight for all humanity? Each harbors secrets, will this tear them apart?

Brian Clopper, the master of middle grade reading filled with gargoyles, vampires and fun has blasted onto the YA scene with this tension-packed tale, while keeping it perfectly within the realm of recommended younger YA reading. From start to finish, this addition to the series is filled with realistic dialogue, vivid scenes that jump off the page and shows that there is a resilience to youth we sometimes don’t see. Grab your reluctant reader and give them something to love, a tale that comes to life before their very eyes.

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