Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Part-time Princess by Pamela DuMond (Ladies-in-Waiting #1)

Part-time Princess

Written by: Pamela DuMond
Series: Ladies-in-Waiting
Sequence in Series: #1
Publication date: 8/11/2014
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Genre: Romantic Comedy
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Two Princes are in love with her. Too bad she’s an imposter…

Hold tight to your tiara, grab your scepter and be prepared for the New Adult hilarious, modern-day romantic-comedy ride of your life!

Rated PG-13 and mildly R for:

Sexual innuendo. Hot Guys. Hot Guys who are Princes. Flirting. Romance. The occasional naughty word. The occasional naughty royal fantasy. The occasional naughty deed. Romance. Castles. Ladies-in-Waiting. Parties! Cocktails. A puppy. Gowns. Intrigue. Chocolate. Champagne. A Royal Wedding! Comedy. Sexiness. More Romance. And—a Happily-Ever-After Ending (Just not the way you expected it!)

Lucy Trabbicio’s a down-on-her-luck, young, American, former biker-bar cocktail waitress desperate to find a job. Lady Elizabeth Billingsley hires Lucy to travel to Fredonia, the tiny jewel of a country in the Alps, for ten days ‘tops’ to impersonate her.

Say what? How the heck is that going to happen?

In the mother of all makeovers, Elizabeth’s people teach Lucy how to dress, walk, talk, eat, be coiffed and even get naked like a European Lady.

The goal?

To keep Crown Prince Cristoph Timmel interested in Elizabeth until she finishes her unexpected, pressing personal business in the States.

But fate intervenes… Lucy meets and is wildly attracted to sexy, bad-boy Nick on the oh-so-long flights to Fredonia. Unfortunately for Lucy—Nick and Elizabeth have a hot sexual history, which Nick wants to immediately resume.

Prince Cristoph proposes marriage. What's an imposter girl to do? Elizabeth insists that she’ll make it back home in time for the wedding. Lucy accepts Cristoph’s proposal and is on the fast track to becoming a Princess but continues to fall for the wrong Prince of Fredonia—Nick. When another tiny glitch arises—someone’s trying to kill her.

The only folks helping Lucy are her wild, party hard, take-no-prisoners Ladies-in-Waiting.

When the real Lady Elizabeth decides she’s not marrying Cristoph and never returning to Fredonia, Lucy’s faced with an uncomfortable decision—continue her deception, marry the prince she’s not in love with and live a dream life albeit without Nick, her dream guy? Or tell the truth and return to poverty and oblivion?

A modern day sexy fairy tale with romance, twists and turns, LOL moments, a few tears and an empowering ending.

Part-time Princess (Ladies in Waiting, #1)My Review
Part-time Princess by Pamela DuMond

Once upon a time, there was a young woman named Lucy Trabbicio. She was down on her luck and really needed a job. You see, Lucy didn't take kindly to obnoxious men in a bar and dumped a pitch of water down drinks on a specifically nasty piece of works head. Leaving her in a quite a predicament. When a once in a lifetime chance comes up to save her financial situation, Lucy reluctantly jumps on board.

You'll never guess what her part time job entails and she can't tell you because she's under contract with a gag order...but I'll let you in...she's got to impressionate a princess for 10 days.

Part-time Princess was a fun, laugh out loud, story. The characters are outrageously quirky. With my family giving me funny looks for my unprovoked smiling, I rather enjoyed taking a diversion with this lite and humorous reading.

The comedy was spot on but the romance was a little under developed. Guess I was too busy laughing to really feel any character connection.

A fun, sexy, story packed with belly laughing humor Part-Time Princess was a very entertaining read.

I received this copy of Part-time Princess from Xpress Book Tours in exchange for a honest review.


  1. Ha this sounds like a hilarious read! I love these kinds of books that make you look like a fool to people around you when you're reading haha. Great review! :)

  2. Thanks for the read and review of Part-time Princess, Beth! And thanks for having me on your blog. xo