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Rainfall by Melissa Delport

by Melissa Delport

My rating: 5 stars Favorite

Publication Date: November 27, 2013
Publisher: Melissa Delport
Genre: Romantic Intrigue-Adult-Contemporary
Print Length: 263 pages
Available from: Amazon


Psychological Romance:

Paige’s father has Alzheimers, and her fiancĂ© is shot and killed in an armed robbery. Paige fights her depression and pulls herself out of the dark place that she has succumbed to, with monumental effort and a new-found determination to live her life to the fullest, doing things that both terrify and exhilarate her.

When Paige meets Adam, the attraction is instantaneous. Adam grew up in an orphanage and has no recollection of his life before the age of six. Paige falls head over heels in love and embraces a happiness she never dreamed possible. Until the day she finds Adam in bed with another woman.

Wanting nothing more to do with him, Paige cuts Adam out of her life, until she receives a mysterious visitor, who reveals secrets about Adam's past that shock Paige to her very core.

Determined to fight for the man that she loves, Paige finds herself on a journey that will change her life forever.

RainfallMy Review
Rainfall by Melissa Delport

What would you do to save the one you love from mental illness? How far would you go to help glue together the pieces of a splintered personality, no matter the consequences? Would you picture a happy ever after, riding off into the sunset of eternal bliss? Would you picture the life you always dreamed of or would you be strong enough to know when the time to let go came? Melissa Delport has tackled a powerful theme, which will have you asking yourself, what would I do? Unique, romantic and thought-provoking, Rainfall is a must read.

Paige has seen sorrow, felt lonely and lost, but Adam came along and her world was filled with an almost desperate and all-consuming love. When she discovers Adam has some personality issues, she jumps in feet first to save the man she loves, what she doesn’t count on is that her own needs may overshadow her actions and the consequences could destroy them both. How can she love and hate the same man? Who will Adam be if he is ever healed? What will be left of their relationship? Can her will and the doctor treating him make him whole again? Sometimes the truth both hurts and heals, opening doors to paths we never imagine.

When Melissa Delport steps out of her genre box, she does it with the flare of a skydiver, taking that leap of faith that others will embrace her hard work as she did. She had me, mind, body and soul from page one as she manipulated my every reaction with her well-crafted words. Her characters are flawed, yet Paige has a fierceness that radiates from her every thought and action. Adam, is more subtle, he seems almost too good to be true, yet he is veiled in a cocoon. There isn’t a wasted scene, a nonessential character or a single moment that didn’t have me glued to each emotional and tumultuous page. This isn’t a fast-paced, action-packed steamy romance, this is a true story of wants, needs and that special once in a lifetime love that flows at a pace that allows for the feeling of time to have passed. The ending? Perfect, real, I was shot through the heart, once again.

I cannot thank Melissa Delport enough for sharing this experience through her words.

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