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Skyler Tower by Khelsey Jackson (Tower #1)

Skyler Tower
by Khelsey Jackson

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Tower - Book 1
Publication Date: April 14, 2014
Publisher: Khelsey Jackson
Genre: Adult Erotic Romance/Suspense
Print Length: 286 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


She is terrified of relationships….

Evangeline Skyler has acquired everything she wanted in her life, she is a successful C.E.O. of Sky Tech. The only thing she doesn't have is a love life. When she meets a gorgeous dark hair man in a grey suit he starts to unravel her.

Angelo Giovanni is there to interview the beautiful but secreted Ms. Skyler. When he sees her he is stunned, her pictures don’t do her justice. He will do anything to be the one she turns to.

Someone is stalking her…

But when someone is starts stalking her and sending her creepy messages she turns to her long time driver and friend Axel Roberts.

Who will be the one to steal her heart, and the one to break her trust?

Skyler Tower (Tower, #1)My Review
Skyler Tower by Khelsey Jackson 

No matter how much beauty, money, and power Evangeline has, she is missing the one thing she needs the most, love. After five years, her driver and bodyguard, Axel, suddenly is looking pretty hot and she finds herself drawn to him. Enter Angelo, dark, Italian reporter on a mission and the sparks she felt with Axel pale in comparison to the nuclear explosion Evangeline feels. Two dominant lovers, sharing control, but Angelo hides some dark secrets and its Axel’s job, both professionally and personally to discover what it is. Is Axel doing this out of jealousy or duty?

When a stalker threatens Evangeline, and the timing coincides too closely with Angelo’s appearance, Axel fears he is part of the plan to hurt Evangeline’s once-shattered heart. Will this turn into a painful triangle or will the stalker eliminate the ice queen of industry?

Skyler Tower by Kelsey Jackson is built in the high dollar world of successful corporate power, where everyone knows they are attractive, they are powerful and they get what they want. Evangeline has been hurt in the past, so she has been driven to never need anyone else, ever. She revels in her power, but there is a side to her that is warm and caring. Angelo is the Italian Stallion, almost a little too slick, but he, too has a painful past. My favorite character, who I do wish we saw more of, was Axel, all American in looks, a former trained soldier, devoted and loyal to his boss, all while hiding his feelings for her, only to miss his chance.

Ms. Jackson has created an intense tale with a touch of danger and a dollop of mystery. She has no problem steaming up the plot with enough sexual tension to take the wrinkles out of a cotton shirt. If you want a quick read that doesn’t dig too far below the surface of its characters, has lots of instant heat and beautiful people who dwell on the power that gives them, come on up to the top floor of Skyler Tower!

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